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Mayor's Youth Council

The mission of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to:

  1. make available current and straight-forward support on government policies and practices that may impact our younger generation
  2. promote issues and projects that may influence the lives of our younger generation
  3. endorse and accept creative concepts for and by our youth
  4. act as a communication connector between the Metropolitan Government and our young generation of Nashville
  5. champion and recognize the capabilities, accomplishments, and gifts of our youth in our local communities

Statistics and Demographics

  • 63 youth grades 9–12 residing in Nashville/Davidson County representing 23 schools
  • Members reflect the creativity and brilliance of Nashville’s diverse neighborhoods and embody the countless cultural, educational, and socio-economic backgrounds
  • In 2018-19, the Mayor's Youth Council contributed 3,310 service hours, implemented 10 citywide youth engagement events, and distributed $47,000 in scholarships to Nashville high school graduates
  • Mayor’s Youth Council participants are considered across the following categories of success:
    1. Wellbeing
    2. Social Engagement
    3. Apt for Justice
  • Of surveyed participants:
    • 100% reported an increase in their community participation and sense of power
    • 98% reported an increase in their engagement of their community
    • 93% reported an increase in generosity and giving back
    • 49% reported an increase in their sense of safety in the community

About the Mayor’s Young Adults Council

The Mayor’s Young Adults Council works to engage our younger generation across Nashville in community projects.

All Mayor's Young Adults Council efforts are created to engage young adults across Nashville in civic and community projects that contribute to our thriving city. Research has shown benefits of civic engagement for young adults include: budget savings, increased support for city initiatives, improved policies and programs for youth, identification as a youth- friendly community, and improved indicators of well-being among youth. This council creates opportunities for students to participate in community efforts that are of importance to youth, increasing the likelihood that youth will continue their contributions to Nashville communities in their adult years.

Mayor’s Young Adults Council provides our younger generations with voice and participation to Metro Government and community stakeholders.

Our young adults bring diverse ideas, opinions, and perspectives as well as exceptional talents, expertise, and skills that can be used to benefit communities in a variety of ways. The council creates opportunities for city leaders and stakeholders to hear youth voices on a variety of issues including public education, college access, transportation and infrastructure, and youth services. The Mayor’s Young Adult Council is a go-to source for youth voices in the city, providing feedback on a number of projects and working with agencies including the Mayor’s Office, the Metro Planning Commission, the Metro Transit Authority, the Public Health Department, and countless others.

Mayor’s Young Adults Council provides the portal for our younger generations to access needed resources and services.

In addition to adding youth voice and participation in city works, the council helps increase the number of young adults accessing needed wraparound services by sharing information though a peer-to-peer network. Each year it convenes young civic leaders from various citywide young adults advisory councils including the Metro Transit Authority, the Metro Public Health Department, Metro Parks, Metro Public Library, and a host of youth-serving organizations and non-profits to help spread the word about needed services and resources. Our work values the impact of our young adults when they are used as extensions of city government, helping to provide access to other young adults who are most in need of these supports.