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Nashville Dialogue on Race, Equity, and Leadership

In September 2016, Mayor Barry invited the public to have a community dialog on Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) in Nashville. Over one thousand Nashvillians, subject matter experts, elected officials, and Metro representatives participated in facilitated discussions on what they want to see in the areas of: Community Empowerment; Criminal Justice; Diversity and Inclusion; Data and Information; Health Disparities; Housing; Immigrants, Refugees, and New Americans; Public Education and Youth; Public Safety, and Workforce and Jobs. Learn more about Nashville’s REAL process.

Much has been done since the initial REAL Talk – the documents below provide both original feedback recorded on that day as well as staff updates on the topic areas, explanations of item status, and additional resource links. The goal of the Mayor’s Office is that these documents will help to educate, engage and empower all residents to become involved in creating a better Nashville for all of us.

Conversation about REAL is ongoing - it is a lens to be applied to how we work, what we think and believe as a city, and what we do. Metro and its leaders are committed to ensuring these dialogues continue and lead to actions that move our city forward.

Nashville's Dialogue on Race, Equity, and Leadership

REAL Appendix