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Opportunity NOW

Employers can also post entry level positions in the Opportunity NOW portal.

If you are interested in hosting an Opportunity NOW intern at your worksite, contact us.

Opportunity NOW is the mayor’s youth employment initiative, working to provide young people ages 14-24 in Davidson County access to employment. The initiative was created based on recommendations from the Mayor’s Youth Violence Summit as a way to connect youth to opportunity and to hope. Opportunity NOW is the much needed system for delivering employment and employment-like opportunities for young people.

“In its third year, Opportunity Now has become a tremendous asset for our youth and our local employers. Through both ON summer-time and year-round opportunities, our young people are engaging in workplace experiences, with caring adults, that not only benefit them now but provide a sound foundation for their futures.” – Mayor David Briley
“All of these opportunities have allowed me to establish a vast amount of experience, strengths, people skills, and so much more. Opportunity NOW is definitely the BEST program to help youth establish character, skills, experience, and relationships…” – Haley, Opportunity NOW Participant
“Our intern was a JOY to work with! Due to their high level of maturity and professionalism, we were able to utilize their time in more ways than we expected. Overall, our intern expanded our staffing capacity allowing us to do more for the individuals we serve!” – Friend’s Life Community, Opportunity NOW Employer Partner

Need help using the online portal? Watch this video!