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Green Ribbon Committee Report                                                                           group of photos showing an MTA Bus, an open field, open space and trains

In June 2008, Mayor Karl Dean signed Executive Order 33 establishing the Green Ribbon Committee on Environmental Sustainability to ensure that Nashville continues to be "a livable city with clean air, clean water, open spaces, transportation infrastructure, and energy use profile necessary to provide a prosperous community for current and future generations." This order demonstrated the Mayor’s commitment to making Nashville a regional and national leader in sustainability and environmental quality. 

Green Ribbon Committee REeport "Together Making Nashville Green"

The Green Ribbon Committee was comprised of local leaders from the business, government, education and nonprofit communities that convened for several month to research and develop a comprehensive plan for the city. The report entitled "Together Making Nashville Green" was presented  to Mayor Dean in June 2009. It outlines 16 goals and 71 recommendations as both a shared vision and series of action steps to "harness community interest in environmental leadership and to initiate environmental policies, structures, and processes to address and anticipate environmental and livability issues and to enhance Nashville's overall economic, social, and environmental performance." 

To learn more, download a full copy of the Green Ribbon Committee Report.