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Mayor's Office

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With Nashville facing some dire health statistics, such as 36 percent of the city’s youth being obese or overweight, Mayor Dean has focused a great deal of attention on the issue of health. He fully believes that this is a problem of epidemic proportions that must remain firmly and steadily in the public spotlight.

Mayor Dean's goal is to make Nashville a city where the healthy choice becomes the easy choice for all residents. Under Mayor Dean’s leadership, Nashville has developed a comprehensive approach to health that includes improving the city’s built environment, educating and engaging community members, and providing numerous, readily-available resources that support healthy, active lifestyles.

Message from the Mayor

"Tennessee has one of the highest obesity rates of any state in the country. Getting active is critical for our health and for our children’s health. This is something we have been focused on in my office for a while now, and we’re going to continue aggressively working on it. Nashville,Tennessee and the entire Southeast is really the battleground for this issue of obesity. So, it’s clear to me that the fight over a country regaining its health, the fight over obesity, is going to occur in the Southeast, and we’re going to win that fight.”
- Mayor Karl Dean