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Metro Food Fight 2014

The 6th annual Metro Food Fight 2014 took place from November 3rd through November 21st. This second harvestyear's food drive collected a record number of meals in the history of the Metro Food Fight for a total of 147,000 pounds of food which will provide over 124,00 meals for Nashville families. Collectively since 2009, the Metro Food Drive has provided 571,046 pounds of food to provide 476,695 meals over the course of six years. Congratulations and thank you to all the departments that participated in meeting the growing needs of hunger in our community.

Winning Departments

General Government: Arts Commission
Public Safety: Metro Fire Department
Public Participation: Metro Transit Authority.

Mayor's Office vs. Governor's Office Challenge: the trophy remained in the Mayor's Office.

The winning department(s) in General Government and Public Safety was determined by the amount of pounds raised per person in the department and the winner in Public Participation was determined by total pounds raised.

The following departments raised 10% more in 2014 compared to last year's food drive:

Arts Commission
Assessor of Property
Finance Department
General Services
Health Department
Human Resources
Justice Integration Services
Department of Law
Mayor’s Office
Metro Clerk Office
Planning Commission
Public Defender's Office

Department Totals for 2014 Metro Food Fight.

The Metro Food Fight is supported by Impact Nashville, a Mayor's Office initiative to increase volunteerism across our city.