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Nashville Promise Zone Basics

Promise Zones are high poverty communities where the federal government partners with local leaders to increase economic activity, improve educational opportunities, leverage private investment, reduce violent crime, enhance public health and address other priorities identified by the community.

Promise Zone Benefits

Promise Zone Designees will receive:

  • An opportunity to engage AmeriCorps VISTA members in the Promise Zone's work
  • A federal liaison assigned to help designees navigate federal programs
  • Preferences for certain competitive federal grant programs and technical assistance from participating federal agencies
  • Promise Zone tax incentives, if enacted by Congress

Where is the Nashville Promise Zone?

The Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ) comprises 46-square miles, including the neighborhoods just south, east, and north of Nashville’s central business district (9.67% of Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County). The zone represents a quarter of the County’s overall violent crimes, including nearly half of its homicides and a third of its robberies. The Promise Zone’s lead organization, the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency has public housing developments throughout the zone. In several of these developments, more than half of households report zero income, and overall the zone reports a poverty rate of 37.61%. Promise Zone residents face low post-secondary education levels and road congestion that make upward mobility, affordable housing and employment more difficult to obtain.

Map of the Nashville Promise Zone