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Preference Point Application Policies and Procedures


On June 6, 2016, Nashville, Tennessee was designated a Promise Zone Community. One of the benefits of receiving Promise Zone designation is the ability of organizations to receive preference points in certain federal funding opportunities announced by Promise Zone partner agencies. These funding opportunities may include a preference for proposals from Promise Zone communities, which may improve an applicant’s competitiveness in the grant process.

The federal partner agencies determine how many preference points are awarded for Promise Zone communities. To be eligible for preference points, an organization must obtain a certification from the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA), or his designee, that its application furthers the goals and objective of the Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ). Certification does not guarantee funding.

In the coming months, staff from MDHA, the Lead Organization for the Promise Zone, will receive training on organizing and implementing the Promise Zone. As staff are trained, they will work with the Mayor’s Office and Promise Zone Implementation Partners (Subzone Captains) on developing policies to be adopted by the MDHA Board of Commissioners.

In the interim, funding opportunities may be announced that include a preference for proposals from Promise Zone communities. So that funding opportunities are not missed, this interim policy sets forth criteria for requesting and receiving certification.


  1. To receive certification, an agency must actively work within the Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ) boundaries and have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MDHA. Agencies that were not included in the original MOU can be added to the existing MOU as a supporting partner.
  2. Applicants must make every effort to submit the required documentation at least two weeks before the grant deadline.
  3. For requests from organizations that are not one of the 6 Implementation Partners (Subzone Captains), must have a recommendation from at least one Subzone Captain. For requests from a Subzone Captain, must have a recommendation from at least one other Subzone Captain.
  4. In the spirit of the Promise Zone, we encourage partnerships among organizations rather than competition for funding. In the event more than one agency in the Promise Zone expresses an interest in the same funding opportunity, we advise collaboration. MDHA reserves the right to certify only one application per funding opportunity.

Online Application

Go to the Preference Point Application

Review Procedure

A representative from MDHA, the Mayor's Office, and the Data Partner will review all requests and make a recommendation to the MDHA Executive Director.

Contact Information

For information about the Nashville Promise Zone or Preference Points Certification, contact:

Angie Hubbard, Director of Community Development