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Head Start Program Services

Head Start and Early Head Start Enrollment Publications


Approximately 617 children are transported to and from the Head Start Centers, representing 27 routes. Children are signed on and off the bus by parents (or guardians) and by teachers when they arrive or leave the Head Start center. There are 2-3 adults on each bus (1 driver and 1-2 monitors). 

Food Services

Children are served breakfast, lunch and snacks each day. The food is prepared in our central kitchen and transported by climate controlled food trucks to the various Head Start sites. Special preparations are made for children who are on special diets and/or have food allergies.

Extended Care (Before and After Care)

This service is provided to parents with work hours that begin or end before or after the Head Start Program. The Before Care program opens at 6am and the After Care program begins 2:00pm until 6:00 pm.

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to participate in the Head Start Parent Club. Parents involved in the club work with the staff and center managers at their child's site. Parents elected to the Head Start Policy Council assist the agency with policy and procedures. Parents are also urged to attend various workshops such as the Home Buyers Club, Self-Sufficiency and the new Parent’s Day Out Program, which exposes parents to various cultural events and venues throughout the city.

Health and Mental Health Services

This service provides assistance to children with special needs that could present a barrier to learning. This service coordinates health, dental, vision, behavioral, speech and language and hearing screenings. Services to children with special needs are also coordinated under this service.

Disability Services

Follow up on all recommendations for special services are monitored by this service to ensures that appropriate action has been completed. A team approach consisting of the Disability Coordinator, Center Manager, the assigned Family Services Specialists, the parent and the provider, all work to monitor the progress of the child.

Education Services

This service monitors and assists the teaching staff with meeting all educational needs of students. Teachers are assisted with lesson plans, classroom dynamics and receive general educational support.

Professional Development

This service ensures that all Head start teaching staff receives required trainings and professional credentials in Early Childhood Education. Teacher also receive general support and mentoring assistance. This service also provides assistance to center managers regarding accreditation and licensing visits.

Family Services

This service assists families with household issues that may impede the academic success of the student. Specialists also assists parents with goal setting and meeting identified family needs. Parents are assisted with scheduling conferences, notification of center activities and doctor’s appointments. Specialists also monitor enrollment, transportation and home visits.

Volunteer Services

Coordination of Volunteer efforts at the agency are handled under this service. After the volunteers meet processing requirements and completes orientation, volunteers are assigned to a MAC site.

Records Monitoring

Ensures that all family service, education and transportation files are properly maintained. Appropriate deficiencies and pending follow-ups are communicated to the appropriate staff.