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Notice of Public Hearings

Speaking at a Public Hearing

Members of the public may address the entire Council body only at a scheduled public hearing. Public Hearings on zoning matters are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Other public hearings for non-zoning matters may be held as part of regular Council meetings throughout the year.

Public Hearing Procedure

The Vice Mayor will open the public hearing for a particular legislative item and ask for a show of hands of those in favor and those opposed to the legislation. Citizens will have 3 minutes to speak, and must identify themselves by name and home address before addressing the Council. An individual may address the Council only once for each particular piece of legislation. Individuals are encouraged not to repeat what has been said by previous speakers.

Distribution of Written Material to the Council

If a member of the public would like to provide the Metropolitan Council members with written material regarding an issue, he/she must provide forty-one copies of the document to the Metropolitan Council Office not later than 4:30 p.m. on the day of the Council Meeting. The Council Office is located in Suite 204 on the second floor of the Historic Metropolitan Courthouse at the opposite end of the Council Chamber. The written material must be signed by the individual requesting distribution and have the name and address of the individual providing the material.

Notice of Zoning Amendment Proposals

Notice is hereby given that public hearings on the following proposed amendments to the Zoning Code or Official Zoning Map of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County will be held on Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 6:30 pm in the Metropolitan Courthouse.

BILL NO. BL2017-938 Amend 17.20.120 pertaining to sidewalks, to establish an exemption for religious institutions in the General Services District within prescribed settings.

BILL NO. BL2018-1045 Changing from RS15 to SP zoning for property at Earhart Road (unnumbered), approximately 1,000 feet south of John Hagar Road, (69.76 acres), to permit up to 146 single-family lots and 18 single family attached lots.

BILL NO. BL2018-1062 Changing from IWD to MUN-A zoning on properties at 1200 Baptist World Center Drive and Spurgeon Avenue (unnumbered), approximately 235 feet northwest of Napoleon Street (0.54 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1083 by Changing from IWD to SP zoning on property at 40 Rachel Drive, north of the terminus of Rachel Drive (5.59 acres), to permit two hotels.

BILL NO. BL2018-1084 Applying a Contextual Overlay on various properties along Riverside Drive, Porter Road, Creighton Avenue, Carter Avenue, Mckennell Drive, Greenwood Avenue and Peerman Drive, southeast of the intersection of Cahal Avenue and Porter Road, zoned R10, R6 and SP (43.71 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1085 Changing from AR2-A to SP zoning for properties at 6438 and 6444 Pettus Road and a portion of 6424, 6434 Pettus Road, east of the intersection of Pettus Road and Nolensville Pike (approximately 5.28 acres), to permit retail and restaurant.

BILL NO. BL2018-1086 Amending a Specific Plan on various properties on Scovel Street and 10th Ave North, at the northwest corner of Scovel Street and 10th Avenue North, zoned R6-A and SP and within the Phillips-Jackson Street Redevelopment District (1.21 acres), to permit an additional 4 multi-family residential units.

BILL NO. BL2018-1087 Changing from OR20 to SCR zoning for a portion of property at 4095 B Nolensville Pike, approximately 470 feet north of the intersection of Nolensville Pike and Harding Place (2.75 acres).

BILL NO. BL2017-1088 by Changing from R6 to OR20-A zoning for property at 754 Lynwood Avenue, approximately 145 feet west of Ridley Blvd (0.15 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1089 Changing from IWD to RM20-A zoning for property at 849 Cherokee Ave, approximately 1,800 feet east of Jones Ave (0.40 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1090 Changing from RS40 to SP zoning for property at 6719 Charlotte Pike, approximately 175 feet west of Brook Hollow Road (1.1 acres), to permit 11 multi-family units.

BILL NO. BL2018-1091 Changing from ORI-A to SP zoning on properties at 821, 823, 825 and 827 19th Avenue South, at the northwest corner of Chet Atkins Place and 19th Avenue South (0.76 acres), to permit a mixed use development.

BILL NO. BL2018-1092 Changing from MUL to MUL-A zoning on property at 1010 28th Avenue North, at the southeast corner of 28th Avenue North and Alameda Street (0.81 acres).

BILL NO. BL2017-1093 Changing from RS10 to SP zoning on property at 425 Woodberry Court, at the southeast corner of Woodberry Drive and Woodberry Court (0.52 acres), to permit a maximum of one two-family residential unit.

BILL NO. BL2018-1094 by Changing from CL to SP zoning on property at 7300 Charlotte Pike, approximately 1000 feet east of Old Hickory Boulevard (7.35 acres), to permit all uses within the CL zone district and a microbrewery.

BILL NO. BL2018-1095 by Changing from IWD to MUL-A zoning on property at 1229 Martin Street, approximately 110 feet north of Gray Street (0.14 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1096 Changing from RS5 to SP zoning on properties at 1699, 1701, 1703 and 1705 Lischey Avenue, at the northeast corner of Lischey Avenue and Marshall Street (0.87 acres), to permit up to 13 multi-family residential units.

BILL NO. BL2018-1097 Changing from RS5 to SP zoning for properties at 2122 Herman Street and Herman Street (unnumbered), approximately 155 feet east of 22nd Ave N, (0.54 acres), to permit 10 multi-family residential units.

BILL NO. BL2018-1098 Changing from CS and IWD to MUG zoning for property at 540 Royal Parkway, approximately 275 feet west of Rachel Drive (6.93 acres).

BILL NO. BL2018-1099 Changing from RS5 to SP zoning on property at 207 Myrtle Street, approximately 165 feet south of Smiley Street, (0.27 acres), to permit up to four multi-family residential units.

BILL NO. BL2018-1100 Changing from R15 to SP zoning for properties at 401 Kinhawk Drive and Nolensville Pike (unnumbered), at the southwest corner of Nolensville Pike and Kinhawk Drive (2.78 acres), to permit all uses permitted by MUL zoning except Alternative Financial Services, Bar or nightclub, flea market, hotel/motel, mobile storage units and automobile parking.

Elizabeth Waites
Metropolitan Clerk