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Notice of Metro Council Public Hearings

Speaking at a Public Hearing

Members of the public may address the entire Council body only at a scheduled public hearing. Public Hearings on zoning matters are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Other public hearings for non-zoning matters may be held as part of regular Council meetings throughout the year.

Public Hearing Procedure

The Vice Mayor will open the public hearing for a particular legislative item and ask for a show of hands of those in favor and those opposed to the legislation. Citizens will have 3 minutes to speak, and must identify themselves by name and home address before addressing the Council. An individual may address the Council only once for each particular piece of legislation. Individuals are encouraged not to repeat what has been said by previous speakers.

Distribution of Written Material to the Council

If a member of the public would like to provide the Metropolitan Council members with written material regarding an issue, he/she must provide forty-one copies of the document to the Metropolitan Council Office not later than 4:30 p.m. on the day of the Council Meeting. The Council Office is located in Suite 204 on the second floor of the Historic Metropolitan Courthouse at the opposite end of the Council Chamber. The written material must be signed by the individual requesting distribution and have the name and address of the individual providing the material.

Notice of Zoning Amendment Proposals

Notice is hereby given that public hearings on the following proposed amendments to the Zoning Code or Official Zoning Map of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County will be held on Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Metropolitan Courthouse.

Bill BL2018-1400 Changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning on property at 712 26th Avenue North, approximately 495 feet south of Booker Street (0.18 acres).

Substitute Bill 2018-1413 Changing from RS5 to RM20 on property at 927 Douglas Avenue, approximately 285 feet east of Emmett Avenue (0.33 acres).

Bill BL2018-1416 Amending Chapter 17.24 regarding tree density, removal, and replacement requirements.

Bill BL2019-1559 Changing from RS5 to R6 zoning for property at 616 Vester Avenue, approximately 230 feet southeast of Weakley Avenue (0.2 acres).

Bill BL2019-1568 Changing from ORI to MUI-A zoning for property at 2221 Elliston Place, and 114 and 118 Louise Avenue, at the southeast corner of Elliston Place and Louise Avenue (0.64 acres).

Bill BL2019-1569 Changing from RS5 to RM20 for property at 1804 and 1806 Lischey Avenue, at the northwest corner of Edith Avenue and Lischey Avenue (2.3 acres.

Bill BL2019-1570 Changing from R8 to RS7.5 for various properties along Old Hickory Boulevard from 6th Street to Butlers Lane from 6th Street to Butlers Lane (40.14 acres).

Bill BL2019-1571 Applying a Contextual Overlay District to various properties along Old Hickory Boulevard from 6th Street to Butlers Lane (39.74 acres).

Bill BL2019-1572 Amending a Planned Unit Development on properties at 301 S. Perimeter Park Drive and 347 Luna Drive, approximately 380 feet north of Johnakin Drive (4.78 acres), zoned CS and R10, to add parcel 007.

Bill BL2019-1573 Changing from CS and R10 to OG zoning on properties at 347 and 301 S. Perimeter Park Drive at the southern terminus of S. Perimeter Park Drive and partially within a Planned Unit Development Overlay District (4.78 acres.

Bill BL2019-1574 Canceling a Planned Unit Development on property at 4237 Little Marrowbone Road, approximately 3635 feet west of Eatons Creek Road (4.04 acres), zoned AR2a.

Bill BL2019-1575 Changing from IWD to SP for property at 900, 904, 910A, 914, and 916 8th Avenue S. and 901, 909, 911, 913, 915, 917, 919, 921, 923, and 925 Bass Street, approximately 360 feet north of Archer Street (3.14 acres), to permit a mixed use development.

Bill BL2019-1576 Amending the existing SP zoning for property at 730 Old Hickory Boulevard, approximately 437 feet south of Old Charlotte Pike (4.07 acres), to permit up to 48 multi-family residential units and add an access and public utility easement.

Bill BL2019-1577 Changing from R6 and CS to RM15-A zoning for properties at 4409 JJ Watson Avenue and a portion of 4415 Nolensville Pike, approximately 270 feet west of Nolensville Pike (1.15 acres).

Bill BL2019-1578 Changing from IR and SP zoning on property at 520 Hagan Street and 640 Merritt Avenue, approximately 700 feet east of Fort Negley Boulevard (2.89 acres), to permit a mixed use development.

Bill BL2019-1579 Changing from MUL-A to MUG-A zoning for a portion of property at 1404 Dickerson Pike at the southwest corner of Dickerson Pike and Fern Avenue (1.59).

Bill BL2019-1580 Changing from CS to MUL-A zoning for property at 900 Buchanan Street at the northeast corner or Buchanan Street and Delta Avenue (0.31 acres).

Bill BL2019-1581 Applying a Corridor Design Overlay District to various properties along Nolensville Pike, southward from Zoo Road to the south side of Burkitt Road, zoned AR2a, CL, CS, OR20, R10, R15, R6, RM15, RM20, RM9, RS10, SCC, SCN, SCR, and SP (812.34 acres). 

Bill BL2019-1582 Changing from RS7.5 to SP zoning for properties at West Trinity Lane (unnumbered), approximately 440 feet west of Brownlo Street (8.72 acres) to permit 375 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1583 Changing from RS15 to SP zoning for property at 3049 Earhart Road, approximately 620 feet north of Rising Fawn Trail (2.78 acres) to permit a single family residential structure and billboard.

Bill BL2019-1584 Applying a Historic Preservation Overlay District to various properties along Jo Johnston Avenue from 16th Avenue North to 12th Avenue North and bordered by the CSX Railroad, zoned CF, CS, IR and SP (13.79 acres).

Bill BL2019-1585 Changing from R6 to OR20-A zoning for properties at 747 and 749 Alloway Street, approximately 50 feet west of Ridley Boulevard (0.30 acres).

Bill BL2019-1586 Changing from IWD to MUG-A zoning for property at 1009 8th Avenue South, approximately 125 feet north of Olympic Street (0.74 acres).

Bill BL2019-1587 Changing from CS and RS5 to SP zoning for properties at 1326, 1330 Dickerson Pike, Elmhurst Pike (unnumbered) and 136, 138 Elmhurst Pike, at the northwest corner of Lucile Street and Dickerson Pike and within the Dickerson Pike Sign Urban Design Overlay District (4.54 acres) to permit a maximum of 221 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1588 Changing from OR20 and RS7.5 to SP zoning for properties at 1609 and 1613 Hampton Street, 2414 and 2416 Brick Church Pike, and Hampton Street (unnumbered), approximately 240 feet north of Avondale Circle (1.16 acres) to permit 37 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1589 Changing from RS7.5 to SP zoning for properties at 1600, 1602, 1606, and 1616 Hampton Street and 1200 Avondale Circle, at the northwest corner of Avondale Circle and Hampton Street (0.85 acres) to permit 10 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1590 Changing from RS7.5 and CL zoning to SP zoning for properties at 1241 North Avondale Circle and 2422 Brick Church Pike, approximately 370 feet west of Hampton Street (2.9 acres) to permit 25 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1591 Changing form R8 to SP zoning for property at 945 S. Douglas Ave., at the corner of South Douglas Avenue and 10th Avenue South, within the Waverly-Belmont Neighborhood Conservation District (2.24 acres,) to permit 19 residential units.

Bill BL2019-1592 Changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning on properties at 343, 345, and 347 Edwin Street, at the northwest corner of Edwin Street and Lischey Avenue (0.84 acres).

Bill BL2019-1593 Changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning for property at 2416 Albion Street, approximately 100 feet east of 25th Avenue North (0.30 acres).

Bill BL2019-1594 Expanding the Urban Zoning Overlay for various properties east of Ellington Parkway (212.07 acres).

Bill BL2019-1595 Changing from RS5 to SP zoning on property at 1533 Lock Road and 1605 Seminary Street, at the northeast corner of Lock Road and Seminary Street (0.63 acres) to permit 8 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2019-1596 Changing from R6-A to RM15-A zoning for various properties along the south side of Kingston Street, approximately 500 feet east of Dickerson Pike (1.63 acres).

Elizabeth Waites
Metropolitan Clerk