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Notice of Metro Council Public Hearings

Speaking at a Public Hearing

Members of the public may address the entire Council body only at a scheduled public hearing. Public Hearings on zoning matters are held on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Other public hearings for non-zoning matters may be held as part of regular Council meetings throughout the year.

Public Hearing Procedure

The Vice Mayor will open the public hearing for a particular legislative item and ask for a show of hands of those in favor and those opposed to the legislation. Citizens will have 3 minutes to speak, and must identify themselves by name and home address before addressing the Council. An individual may address the Council only once for each particular piece of legislation. Individuals are encouraged not to repeat what has been said by previous speakers.

Distribution of Written Material to the Council

If a member of the public would like to provide the Metropolitan Council members with written material regarding an issue, he/she must provide forty-one copies of the document to the Metropolitan Council Office not later than 4:30 p.m. on the day of the Council Meeting. The Council Office is located in Suite 204 on the second floor of the Historic Metropolitan Courthouse at the opposite end of the Council Chamber. The written material must be signed by the individual requesting distribution and have the name and address of the individual providing the material.

Notice of Zoning Amendment Proposals

Notice is hereby given that public hearings on the following proposed amendments to the Zoning Code or Official Zoning Map of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County will be held on Thursday, January 3, 2019 at 6:30 pm in the Metropolitan Courthouse.

Bill BL2018-1357 Cancell Planned Unit Development Overlay District on property at 3419 Murphy Road, approximately 100 feet west of West End Avenue (1.47 acres).

Bill BL2018-1358 Changing from ORI-A to SP zoning on property at 3419 Murphy Road, approximately 100 feet west of West End Avenue, within a Planned Unit Development Overlay District (1.47 acres), to permit a mixed-use development.

Bill BL2018-1403 Amend section 17.28 relative to undergrounding utilities.

Bill BL2018-1413 Changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning on property at 927 Douglas Avenue, approximately 285 feet east of Emmett Avenue (0.33 acres).

Bill BL2018-1414 Changing from CL and R8 zoning to SP zoning for property at 2210 and 2216 Buena Vista Pike and Buena Vista Pike (unnumbered), on the eastern corner of the intersection of Buena Vista Pike and Cliff Drive, (2.7 acres), to permit a mixed use development.

Bill BL2018-1415 Changing from RS5 to SP zoning for property at 1300 N 5th Street, at the northwest corner of North 5th Street and Douglas Avenue (0.34 acres), to permit up to 10 multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2018-1416 Amending Chapter 17.24 regarding tree density, removal, and replacement requirements.

Bill BL2018-1417 Amending Title 17 allow public interior spaces to be afforded Historic Landmark protection.

Bill BL2018-1418 Amending Section 17.40.420 to require Preservation Permits before any action within historic overlay districts.

Bill BL2018-1424 Changing from IR to IG zoning for property on Lebanon Pike (unnumbered), approximately 460 feet east of the terminus of Freightliner Drive (4.63 acres).

Bill BL2018-1425 Changing from R6 to SP zoning on properties at 4603 Sloan Road and 4409 and 4411 Westlawn Drive, at the corner of Sloan Road and Westlawn Drive (1.03 acres), to permit six multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2018-1426 Changing from R8 to SP zoning on properties at 1114 West Grove Avenue, approximately 80 feet east of 12th Avenue South (0.24 acres), to permit five multi-family residential units.

Bill BL2018-1427 Changing from CL, R10, and R6 to MUL-A zoning for properties at 1600 Riverside Drive and 1600 Porter Road, approximately 500 feet south of Shinkle Avenue (1.51 acres).

Bill BL2018-1428 Changing from OR20 to MUL zoning for property at 2540 Park Drive, approximately 330 feet north of Lebanon Pike, within the Downtown Donelson Urban Design Overlay District (0.39 acres).

Bill BL2018-1429 Changing from R8 to RM20-A zoning for property at 522 Paragon Mills Road, approximately 530 feet southwest of Valley Ridge Drive, (2.05 acres).

Bill BL2018-1430 Changing from R6 to CS-A zoning for properties at 5012 and 5014 Kentucky Avenue, 1202 51st Avenue North, 1003, and 1003 B 51st Avenue North, and 5100 Michigan Avenue, approximately 286 and 440 feet east of 52nd Avenue North, (0.57 acres).

Bill BL2018-1431 Changing from AR2A to SP zoning on properties at 5960 Edmondson Pike and Edmondson Pike (unnumbered), at the northeast corner of Edmondson Pike and Mt. Pisgah Road (13.4 acres), to permit 38 single-family residential lots.

Bill BL2018-1432 Changing from R6 to OR20 zoning for property at 49 Wharf Avenue, approximately 300 feet south of Lafayette Street, (0.13 acres).

Bill BL2018-1433 Changing rezone from MUN to MUL-A zoning on property at 1239 6th Avenue North, at the southwest corner of Monroe Street and 6th Avenue North, within the Germantown Historic Preservation Overlay District and the Phillips-Jackson Street Redevelopment District (0.14 acres).

Bill BL2018-1434 Changing from RS5 to R6-A zoning on property at 1523 14th Avenue North, approximately 50 feet north of Underwood Street (0.2 acres).

Bill BL2018-1435 Changing from SP-R to RM15 zoning for various properties on 9th Avenue North, approximately 100 feet north of Dominican Drive, (1.65 acres).

Bill BL2018-1436 Changing from AR2a to SP zoning on properties at 3939 and 3947 Pin Hook Road, approximately 880 feet east of Old Hickory Boulevard (14.5 acres), to permit 43 single-family lots.

Bill BL2018-1437 Changing from RS5 to MUL-A zoning for property at 701 Lena Street, at the northwest corner of Clifton Avenue and Lena Street, (0.17 acres).

Bill BL2018-1438 Changing from AR2a to RS10 and RM4 zoning for properties at Bluff Road (unnumbered), approximately 930 feet southwest of Nolensville Pike (60.19 acres).

Elizabeth Waites
Metropolitan Clerk