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Door-to-Door Solicitor Center

All commercial solicitors wishing to conduct door-to-door residential sales in Nashville and Davidson County must obtain a permit and ID badge issued by the Metropolitan Clerk’s Office. Solicitation permits and ID badges are not required for religious and charitable organizations as defined in Metro Code Section 6.64.

Commercial door-to-door solicitors and sales are also prohibited at any address in Nashville and Davidson County if they are registered on Metro’s No Solicitation List or if a no solicitation or no trespassing sign is posted.

No Solicitation List

Solicitors must check the No Solicitation List and refrain from soliciting at addresses on this list. This list is updated frequently and Solicitation Permit and ID Badge holders should check this list daily to ensure no soliciting at these addresses as required.

How to Obtain a Solicitation Permit

A company must obtain a solicitation permit prior to or at the same time as the company’s individual sales representatives begin the process to obtain a solicitation ID badge. Company permits are good for two years.

The company permit application must include:

  • $50 for the company permit payable by cash, cashier’s check, or company check (not personal check); Make checks payable to Metropolitan Government.
  • A listing of employees authorized by the company to obtain a solicitation ID badge on the company’s behalf to engage in door-to-door solicitation *;
  • Brief explanation of the solicitation activity including types of goods, wares, merchandise to be offered and brochure (if applicable); and
  • A valid business tax license issued by the Davidson County Clerk.
  • If the company is a foreign corporation or employee of such corporation, the Clerk’s Office also requires the name, address, and telephone number of a company agent residing in TN.

Completed company solicitation permit applications with all the information listed above may be submitted with completed ID badge applications for the company’s door-to-door sales representatives at the same time. Applications may be submitted by email to

* A listing of employees authorized by the company to obtain a solicitation ID badge on the company’s behalf to engage in door-to-door solicitation can be updated at any time with the Metro Clerk’s Office. Individuals requesting a solicitation ID badge must be on the company’s list or provide written authorization on the company’s letterhead.

Download Application for Company Solicitation Permit

How to Obtain an ID Badge for Door-to-Door Solicitors

A company permit must be approved and current before an authorized individual representing the company can be issued a door-to-door solicitation ID badge. If the individual is both the company and authorized employee, the individual must complete both the company permit application and the solicitation ID badge.

ID badge applications may be submitted with company solicitation permit applications with all required information at the same time or any time during the company’s permit period.

There is a two-step process for all individual door-to-door sales representatives requesting a solicitation ID badge.

Step One: Bring completed ID Badge application to the Metro Clerk’s Office.

Please download and complete the following application, which must be filed in person or may be sent via U.S. mail along with a $63 check or money order payable to Metro Government to:

Metropolitan Clerk
1 Public Square, Suite 205
Nashville, TN 37201

We accept applications by email to, along with payment by U.S. mail or other courier.

If filing your application in person, we do accept cash at the counter. Please do not mail cash.

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office will use the information in your application to request a background check, which must be approved prior to approval of your solicitation application.

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office processes individual solicitor badges on Monday’s and Thursday’s by appointment only. Please call 615-862-6770 to schedule an appointment.

Download Solicitation ID Badge Application form

Step Two: Issuance of Solicitation ID Badge

If approved, the Metro Clerk’s Office will contact the authorized employee and schedule a time to come in for his/her solicitation ID badge. The cost of the solicitation ID badge is $20 and payable by cash, cashier’s check, or company check (not personal check) at time of ID badge issuance.

A picture of the applicant will be taken in the Metro Clerk’s Office in order to prepare the solicitor ID badge. Photos that meet our specifications may also be submitted to

Reminders for Soliciting Companies and Individual Solicitors:

  • A solicitor must submit to a background check by Inquiries, Inc. through the Metro Clerk’s Office.
  • It is the duty of the solicitor to continually check the “no knock list” in order to comply with the Metro Code.
  • A solicitor must conspicuously display his or her identification badge on the front of his/her person at all times while engaged in the act of soliciting.
  • A police officer or citizen has the right to ask a solicitor to see their ID badge.
  • A solicitor must report a stolen or lost ID badge to the Metro Clerk’s Office.
  • A solicitor must return an ID badge which has expired to the Metro Clerk’s Office.