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Contracts FAQ

What is EPAV?
EPAV is an acronym for Electronic Public Access Viewer. It can be used to search for contracts and related documentation maintained by the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County.

What do I need to use EPAV?
EPAV works with most Internet browsers as well as on mobile devices. The documents produced load as a PDF so most PDF viewers such as Adobe Reader will open them. Note: Some of the documents are quite large so they may take up to a few minutes to open.

What is a contract?
A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties. In this instance, it refers to such an agreement between a supplier or suppliers and the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County.

Which contracts are available?
Virtually all current or recent contracts maintained by the Metropolitan Clerk’s Office are available.

Can I print or save the documents I view?
Yes, you can save the documents to your PC, laptop, or mobile device as well as print them via your PDF viewer’s print functions.

How to I search for records?
Use one or more of the fields defined below. You may need to do more than one search to narrow down what you wish to view.


  • Contract Number: If you know the number of the contract, use this field to search for it.
  • Contracting Party / Supplier Name: The name of the contracted entity doing business with Metro. If you know the business name, enter it in this field. The field has a wildcard automatically built in so if you only know the first part of the name, enter it.
  • Department / Agency: The Metro entity for which the contract is intended.
  • Description: The primary items supplied by a contract. Do not use punctuation or generic words such as ‘the’ or ‘and’. The field has wildcards automatically built in so the values will return regardless of where they are in the field.
  • Document Type: Contracts and the supporting documentation for them consist of several different components. These components are listed separately for many contracts for quicker access.
  • Document Type Descriptions:
    • Amendment – addition to a contract
    • Amendment Abstract – summary of the amendment
    • Solicitation – the initial document sent to suppliers and their responses
    • Bond – financial solvency document
    • Business Associate Agreement – a document defining the relationship between a supplier and Metro
    • Cancelled – a contract that has been discontinued
    • Contract Abstract – summary of the contract
    • Contract Body – the contract document prepared by Metro Procurement
    • DBE Participation – a document showing a supplier or subcontractor qualifies for small business status
    • Emergency Justification Form – supporting documentation for an emergency contract
    • Executed Contract – the official fully signed version of the contract document stored by the Metro Clerk
    • Exhibit – supporting documentation for a contract
    • Expired – a contract that has passed its expiration date
    • Insurance – proof that a supplier has sufficient insurance
    • Miscellaneous
    • Other
    • Pricing – the pricing documentation extracted from a contract document
    • Renewals – a document confirming the extension of a contract
    • Sole Source Justification Form – a document providing support for issuance of a contract to a specific supplier
    • Subcontractor Form – a document showing a contracted supplier is using subcontractors
  • Key Word searches: Searches for words within the bodies of the documents. Do not use punctuation or generic words such as ‘the’ or ‘and’.