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Government for Kids

Facts for kids about Nashville Government

Printable Version of Facts for kids about Nashville Government

  • The Metropolitan Council is the legislative branch of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.
  • Davidson County is divided into 35 districts.  The voters in each district elect a council member every four years to represent them on the Council.
  • The county as a whole elects five council members‐at‐large to represent all citizens of the county.
  • There are a total of 40 council members in the council; making the Metro Council the third largest council in the country.
  • The Vice Mayor is the President of the Council and she/he is elected by the entire county every four years.
  • The council meets year round every first and third Tuesday of the month in the David Scobey Council Chamber located in the Historic Courthouse in downtown Nashville.
  • Council meetings are open to the public and can be viewed on cable channel, Metro 3 or on the website.
  • The “constitution” for Nashville is called the Charter.
  • There are two types of legislation that the Council can pass: resolutions and ordinances.
  • Resolutions only need to be considered by the Council one time before they become final.
  • There are memorializing resolutions that are non‐binding and are meant to honor groups or  individuals.
  • Ordinances (also known as bills) have to be considered by the Council three times before they become law.
  • Resolutions and ordinances have to be sponsored by a council member before they can be considered by the Council.
  • Before a resolution or bill can be passed by the council, it must first be considered by Council Committees.
  • There are 15 committees of the Council.
  • Two of the most important duties of the Council are to pass the annual city budget and to approve the zoning laws for the county.  Zoning laws let a property owner know how his/her properties can be used or developed.