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Mayor Bill Purcell's Executive Orders

(1999 - 2007)

001. Executive Orders reaffirmed
002. Creation of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods
003. Creation of Mayor's Office of Economic and Community Development
004. Establishment of Mayor's Youth Council
004a. Amended Executive Order 004
005. Executive Orders reaffirmed or not continued in effect
006. Ethics, conflicts of interest, and acceptance of gifts on the part of employees of Metropolitan Government
007. Coordination of Metropolitan Government Activities to Aid the Homeless
008. ADA Implementation Committee
009. Mayor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities
010. Procurement Appeals Board
011. Police Secondary Employment
012. Information Systems Council
013. Comprehensive Internet and Electronic Mail Use Policy
014. Creation of the Office of Fleet Management
015. Boards/Commissions Diversity Issues and Sexual Harassment Training
016. Creation of the Metropolitan Government Domestic Abuse Death Review Team
017. Mayor's Citizen Corps Council
018. Creation of the Metro Emergency Radio Management Committee
019. Healthy Nashville Leadership Council
020. District Energy System Advisory Board
021. Criminal Justice Planning Advisory Board
022. National Incident Management System (NIMS)