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Mayor Bill Purcell Executive Order 004 Amended


Bill Purcell, Mayor

Subject: Amendment to the Creation of the Mayor's Youth Council

Whereas, young people need to be involved in their local government, to be able to share their ideas and have their contributions and accomplishments recognized; and

Whereas, the creation of  a Youth  Council  formalizes and  fosters  a working partnership between the administration of the Metropolitan Government and the young people of this community.

Now therefore, I, Bill Purcell, Mayor of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby direct and order Executive Order Number 004 be amended and restated as follows:

  1. That there is created and established the Mayor's Youth Council.
  2. The mission of the Mayor's Youth Council shall be as follows:
    1. To provide ongoing and direct input on government policies and practices that may affect young people.
    2. To recommend and foster initiatives for and by youth.
    3. To act as a communication link between the Metropolitan Government and the young people of Nashville.
    4. To promote and give recognition to the abilities, accomplishments and contributions of young people in their communities.
    5. To organize countywide forums, including an annual Mayor's Youth Summit.
  3. The Mayor's Youth Council will include thirty members and two alternates. The thirty students must be  high  school  juniors or seniors and be representative of  the geographic, racial and ethnic diversity of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.
  4. The Mayor's Youth Council will meet monthly and will meet with the Mayor quarterly.
  5. The Mayor's Youth Council will assign members to serve as liaisons to the following boards and commissions:
    1. Metropolitan Government Board of Health
    2. Metropolitan Transit Authority
    3. Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission
    4. Metropolitan Social Services Commission
    5. Metropolitan Government Board of Parks and Recreation
    6. Educational Access Corporation .
    7. Metropolitan Government Public Library Board
    Liaisons will be assigned to other boards as requested by the Mayor. The liaisons will work with the boards and commissions to produce an annual report by each on activities and programs affecting  youth. The··report will be presented to the Metropolitan Government Council each year at the annual Mayor's Youth Summit.
  6. A member of the Mayor's staff will coordinate the meetings with the Mayor and may request representatives of boards, commissions or departments of the Metropolitan Government to be present.

Effective Date. This Amended Executive Order No. 004 shall become effective on the ___ day of April 2003.


Bill Purcell
Metropolitan Mayor

April 11, 2003