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SUBJECT: Coordination of Metropolitan Government Activities to Aid the Homeless

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County administers a variety of activities which are designed to assist the City's homeless population.

The Metropolitan Mayor established the Division of Affordable Housing in January 2000 to abolish the affordable housing gap in Nashville, and over the next 10 years the city is committed to providing 35,000 units so that there is decent, fit and affordable housing available for every Nashvillian, including special populations.

The United States Congress passed in June 1987 the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act, which authorizes Federal funding for a wide variety of services for the homeless at the local level. Given the diverse nature of these activities, which cross inter-departmental lines throughout the Metropolitan Government, it is necessary to create an administrative mechanism to facilitate effective coordination.

There is, therefore, hereby appointed an Inter-Departmental Task Force on the Homeless. Its responsibility shall initially focus upon effective implementation of the Metropolitan Government's participation under the Stewart B. McKinney Homeless Assistance Act.

This task force shall further serve as a vehicle to assess all homeless activities currently being conducted by the agencies and departments of the Metropolitan Government. It shall also make recommendations to the Metropolitan Mayor as to means by which available resources can be most effectively utilized to assist the homeless. This task force shall be composed of the following members:

Executive Director, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, or a designee

Director, Metropolitan Social Services, or a designee

Executive Director, Nashville Career Advancement Center, or a designee

Executive Director, Metropolitan Action Commission, or a designee

Director of Homeless Programs, Metropolitan Health Department

Homeless Coordinator, Council on Community Services

Director, Room in the Inn Program

Davidson County Sheriff, or a designee

Metropolitan Public Defender, or a designee

Metropolitan Chief of Police, or a designee

Director, Metropolitan Board of Education, or a designee

Director, Mental Health Cooperative, or a designee

Representative (homeless/formerly homeless) from Homeless Advisory Committee established by the Metropolitan Health Board

Director, Nashville Downtown Partnership/CBID, or a designee

Director, Nashville Union Rescue Mission, or a designee

U. S. Department of HUD--Community Builder

Director, Mayor’s Division of Affordable Housing, or a designee

For organizational purposes, the Director of the Metropolitan Social Services shall serve as Chairman. The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency will provide staff assistance. The Metropolitan Department of Law shall provide necessary legal assistance.

Ordered, Effective and Issued:

Bill Purcell
Metropolitan County Mayor

Date: June 8, 2000