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SUBJECT: Mayor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities

WHEREAS, in 1976 the Mayor’s Office of the Metropolitan Government, realized the need to establish a program to help meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, and

WHEREAS, in response to this need the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for Handicapped Persons was established; and

WHEREAS, this Committee was never officially created pursuant to Executive Order; and

WHEREAS, the year 2000 marks the ten year anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act, and

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Government wants to renew its commitment to the needs of disabled individuals and to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bill Purcell, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby direct and order the following:

Creation of Committee. There is hereby created a committee to be known as the Mayor’s Advisory Committee for People with Disabilities ("the Committee").

Composition of Committee. The Committee shall consist of a minimum of twenty-four (24) and a maximum of thirty-six (36) advisors and officers. Membership will be maintained so that one-third of the members shall be persons with disabilities, one-third shall be family members of persons with disabilities or advocates, and one-third shall be professional and business persons from both the private and public sectors, interested citizens, or elected officials. Committee members shall be appointed by the Mayor and shall serve two-year terms. No Committee member shall serve more than two consecutive terms. All individuals currently serving as Committee members shall continue in that role until their two-year term has been completed.

Duties of Committee. The Committee shall:

1. Promote public education and awareness of the contributions, potentials, and needs of individuals with disabilities and their families;
2. Advocate public and private policies and practices which promote self determination and independence of persons with disabilities and their families;
3. Coordinate local activities on behalf of people with disabilities and their families;
4. Work with a liaison form the Mayor’s office to make recommendations to the Mayor and to respond to inquires from the Mayor concerning problems that need to be addressed involving disabled individuals;
5. Work with the ADA Implementation Committee, when requested, to address problems confronting disabled individuals.

Functioning of the Committee. The Committee shall meet at least on a quarterly basis. The Committee shall adopt bylaws and elect individuals to serve as officers. It is the prerogative of the committee members to set up various sub-committees in order to perform the above-described duties.

Effective Date. This Executive Order shall become effective on 26th July 2000.


Bill Purcell