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Mayor John Cooper Executive Order Number 007


John Cooper, Mayor

Subject: Requirement that Face Coverings be Worn at Metropolitan Government Buildings

Whereas, Metropolitan Public Health Order 4, as amended, states that businesses, facilities, and critical infrastructure sectors shall require that employees wear a cloth face covering or mask when physically interacting with the public or other employees and that citizens and visitors of Nashville and Davidson County should wear a cloth face covering or mask to cover their noses and mouths whenever in a community setting, especially in situations where other people are near;

Now therefore, I, John Cooper, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do herby proclaim, direct, and order the following:

  1. All persons entering a building or indoor space owned, managed, or leased by the Metropolitan Government shall wear a cloth face covering or mask. Persons who do not have a cloth face covering or mask will be provided with one at the entrance, subject to availability. Persons who refuse to wear a mask and/or decline the complimentary one offered will be denied entry unless they fall under one of the listed exceptions.
  2. Once a person has entered the building, he or she shall continue to wear the cloth face covering or mask while in the building. Should a person remove his or her cloth face covering or mask while in the building, an office may ask that person to leave. Employees working alone in their respective offices or workspaces are excepted from this rule and may remove their mask while in their offices or individual workspaces, as long as they are able to maintain appropriate social distancing.
  3. The following exceptions shall apply:
    1. Cloth face coverings or masks are not required to be worn by
      1. Children under the age of two,
      2. Older children who are unable to wear a mask properly or safely, or
      3. Persons who would jeopardize their health or safety by wearing one. No person declining to wear a cloth face covering or mask because of a medical condition shall be required to produce verifying medical documentation.
    2. Additional exemptions that do not endanger the public or employees in the building should be allowed based on individual circumstances. Alternatives may vary depending on the office or building and the type of business being transacted.
      1. Persons may request such an exemption by presenting a request to the security officer, facility manger, attendant at the front desk, or other designated person at the entrance of the building or indoor space.
      2. The person receiving the request will notify the appropriate officials for the office where the requestor seeks to visit.
      3. The office will consider the request through a phone or in-person communication with the requester and may permit entry if he or she determines that the circumstances do not endanger the public or employees of the building. The office may refuse entry if a proposed accommodation may pose a danger to the health and safety of the public or employees of the building.
    3. Each Metropolitan Government Department is given discretion to design and implement alternatives to these directives, in order to appropriately meet the needs of its department while providing reasonable public access to government facilities and services. The alternatives shall be made in consultation with the Department of Health and shall be consistent with the Roadmap to Reopening Nashville.

This order shall remain in effect until Metropolitan Public Health Order 4 expires or is otherwise withdrawn or repealed.

Ordered, Effective and Issued: May 18, 2020

John Cooper
Metropolitan County Mayor