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Karl F. Dean, Mayor

SUBJECT: Financial and other disclosures by certain Metropolitan Government employees and officials

I, Karl Dean, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby amend former Mayor Bredesen Executive Order No. 91-07 (Amended and Revised) and find, direct and order the following:

1. Each Metropolitan Government employee or official holding a position listed on Attachment A to this order shall annually disclose the following information:

a. the name and address of the business, and the nature of the employee's interest in any business, in which the individual or the individual’s spouse or child has a financial interest exceeding 5%.
b. the address of and nature of interest in any real property in which the individual, or the spouse or child of the individual has a financial interest exceeding 5%, excepting the primary personal residences of those individuals.
c. any non-Metropolitan Government position held, whether compensated or not, in any business entity, non-profit organization, labor group, educational or other institution, together with the nature and amount of any compensation, if applicable;
d. any litigation involving the Metropolitan Government, or any entity with a relationship to the Metropolitan Government, in which the person is a party or has a financial interest;
e. any felony conviction within twenty (20) years of the date of the disclosure;
f. any debts, guarantees or endorsement of debts aggregating over $5,000 owed to one creditor at any time during the year, excluding loans from established financial institutions made in the ordinary course of business on usual and customary terms and liabilities owed to a relative.
g. any debts of the employee, or a spouse or child of the employee, which are secured by a guarantee or collateral of any individual other than the employee, or a parent, spouse, or child of the employee.
h. the individual's Form 1040 Federal Income Tax return for the previous year, or a statement in the form of Attachment B describing the individual's sources of income for the portion of the prior year for which he or she is an employee of Metropolitan Government.

2. In addition, each person required to report shall annually sign a conflict of interest statement in a form approved by the Director of Law stating that he or she knows of no actual or potential conflict of interest with his or her duties respecting the Metropolitan Government, or listing and describing any circumstances that might constitute a conflict.

3. The Internal Auditor shall prepare forms to be used by each person required to report, and shall provide those forms to each individual prior to July 1 of each year. Such statements shall be filed with the Internal Auditor by July 15th of each year together with the income statements required in paragraph 1(h). Income statements must accompany disclosure forms.

4. Each person required to report shall notify the Internal Auditor by letter of any substantial change in circumstance during the course of the year that may present a potential or actual conflict of interest with his or her duties as an employee or official of the Metropolitan Government.

5. The Internal Auditor shall maintain files of such disclosures and conflict of interest statements, and shall make them available for inspection by the public during normal working hours. The Internal Auditor shall file such disclosures and conflict of interest statements with the Metropolitan Clerk to the extent required by law.

6. The disclosures required in this executive order do not supersede or replace additional annual disclosure requirements, including, but not limited to, the disclosures outline in Ordinance BL 2007-1382.

Attachment A

Attachment B

Ordered, Effective and Issued:

Karl F. Dean

Date: March 17, 2008