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Karl F. Dean, Mayor

SUBJECT: Ethics, conflicts of interest, and acceptance of gifts on the part of employees of Metropolitan Government

I, Karl Dean, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby amend former Mayor Purcell Executive Order No. 006 and find, direct and order the following:

I. The maintenance of high standards of honesty, integrity, impartiality, and conduct by employees and agents of the Metropolitan Government is essential to the proper performance of government business and the maintenance of confidence by citizens in their government; and

II. The avoidance of misconduct and conflicts of interest on the part of employees of the Metropolitan Government is indispensable to the maintenance of these standards;

1. Employee responsibilities. Each employee of the Metropolitan Government shall avoid any action, whether or not specifically prohibited by this order, departmental codes of ethics, or Ordinance No. BL2007-1382, which might result in, or create the appearance of:

a. using a public office for private gain;
b. giving preferential treatment to any person;
c. impeding government efficiency or economy;
d. losing complete independence or impartiality;
e. making a Metropolitan Government decision outside of official channels; or
f. affecting adversely the confidence of the public in the integrity of the Metropolitan Government.

2. Persons covered. This Executive Order applies to all employees of the Metropolitan Government except: employees of the Nashville Electric Service, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Metropolitan Sports Authority, and the Metropolitan Hospital Authority, non-professional employees of the Board of Health, and elected officials.

3. Mayor's office covered. This order applies to the Mayor and employees of the Mayor's office.

4. Standards of Conduct. Employees of the Metropolitan Government shall be guided by the provisions set out in Ordinance No. BL2007-1382, amending Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, when determining appropriate standards of conduct.

5. Questions on interpretation of this order. When an employee is in doubt as to the proper interpretation of this order, he or she is expected to seek the advice of the applicable Department Head or the Director of Law if time permits, or to use good judgment in accordance with (1) above and to report the gift, entertainment or favor to the Department Head or the Director of Law within seven (7) days.

6. Departmental ethics standards. Any department or agency of the Metropolitan Government may establish such additional ethics guidelines and standards as may be lawfully applied and may in the opinion of the head of the department or agency be appropriate for the proper operation of the department. Such additional standards should be filed with the Director of Law and any other person required by law as soon as practicable after adoption. This Executive Order does not supersede or revoke those portions of any existing departmental or agency policies regarding ethical standards which are stricter than, or cover areas additional to, the standards set out herein.

7. Ethics guidelines published by Personnel Director. The personnel director is requested, with the permission of the Civil Service Commission and the Board of Health and its Civil Service Commission, to maintain a system whereby each covered employee is informed of the requirements of this order, each covered employee has access to the order and sign a statement that they have received and/or read it, and to maintain personnel manuals which reflect the standards outlined in this order.

8. Supervisors Responsible. Each employee of the Metropolitan Government who acts in a supervisory capacity is responsible for achieving compliance with the Executive Order by those persons in his or her line of authority.

9. Required contractual provision. Department heads and others who approve contracts for their departments shall include in every employment contract the provision that employees provided to the Metropolitan Government under such contract are covered by this Executive Order.

Ordered, Effective and Issued:

Karl F. Dean

Date: March 17, 2008