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Mayor Megan Barry Executive Order Number 014



Subject: Office of Fleet Management

I, Megan Barry, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby find, direct and order the following:

I. Sound management of the government’s fleet operations is essential for public and employee safety and for the protection of the significant investment in capital resources allocated in the vehicles utilized by these departments; and

II. Pursuant to Executive Order No. 31, Mayor Karl Dean consolidated fleets and fleet operations in one office; and

III. The Mayor, pursuant to Section 2.32.050 of the Metropolitan Code, can resolve all controversy between two or more departments or agencies as to all matters and things involved in the transfer of functions, personnel, records, equipment or unencumbered balance of appropriations to the General Services Department; and

IV. It is in the best interests of the Metropolitan Government that the Office of Fleet Management be continued.

V. There shall be an Office of Fleet Management (“Office”) established within the Department of General Services to provide a comprehensive, Metro-wide fleet management program with adequate systems and processes to support the staff responsible for the fleet and maintenance operations.

1. The Office of Fleet Management has the following functions and duties:
a. to provide a well managed, safely maintained, and appropriately replenished fleet reflective of industry norms.
b. to centralize ownership of the fleet and to monitor utilization of the fleet.
c. to recover from the Departments all costs related to capital, maintenance and repair work performed, and other operating costs with the Office.
d. to staff and manage the garages at levels reflective of industry norms.
e. to centralize all aspects of fuel management.
f. to acquire, develop and maintain a fleet management information system, which would support all aspects of the fleet.
g. to develop and implement a priority system for the maintenance of public safety vehicles while ensuring efficient maintenance of the entire fleet.
h. to update all fleet policies, regulations, and procedures and promulgate new policies, regulations, and procedures needed to carry out these functions and duties, including, but not limited to, policies regarding taking home Metropolitan Government vehicles.

2. In order to out and facilitate the purposes of the office, the Mayor may establish an ad hoc Fleet Advisory Committee consisting of various Metropolitan Government department directors as determined by the Mayor. The purpose of such a Fleet Advisory Committee would be to:
a. Review and recommend take home vehicle assignments.
b. Recommend fleet reductions, including under-utilized vehicles.
c. Recommend replacement prioritization.
d. Review and recommend goals and performance measures for the Office of Fleet Management.
e. Recommend fuel management policies.

3. Any exceptions to this executive order with regard to departmental ownership or maintenance of vehicle fleets must be approved in writing by the Director of General Services and the Director of Finance.


Megan Barry
Metropolitan County Mayor

Date: February 24, 2016