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Mayor Megan Barry Executive Order Number 36



Subject: Nashville Council on Gender Equity

I, Megan Barry, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby find, direct, and order the following:

I. Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County (“Metropolitan Nashville”) is a vibrant and rapidly growing community with strong population gains, high levels of educational attainment, and a solid base of innovative and capable workers.

II. In order to promote fairness and justness in this dynamic and diverse environment, equality and equity for all Nashvillians regardless of sex, gender, or sexual orientation is critical.

III. Gender equity is not an issue that is relevant to just one sex or gender, but is an issue of basic human dignity and rights.

IV. An advisory council that assesses identified issues of gender inequity and develops recommended solutions to be presented to the Mayor would be instrumental in ensuring that Metropolitan Nashville operates in a manner that reflects the needs of all people of any sex and gender.

V. There is hereby created and established the Nashville Council on Gender Equity.

A. Scope of Responsibility: The Council on Gender Equity shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and the Chief Diversity Officer of the Metropolitan Government. The goal of the Council on Gender Equity is to act as a source of information for the Mayor and recommend solutions for issues in which gender inequity appears to exist in Metropolitan Nashville and in the Metropolitan Government in the specific areas of economic opportunities, family services, and health and safety.

B. Composition: The Council on Gender Equity shall consist of no more than 45 members appointed by the Mayor, representing a diverse group of leaders spanning public and private industry, non-profit organizations and academia. Co-Chairs shall be appointed by the Mayor.

1. The Council on Gender Equity may elect officers as it finds necessary and appropriate.

2. A quorum for approving decisions by the Council on Gender Equity shall consist of a majority of all appointed members.

3. Members of the Council on Gender Equity shall serve without compensation.

C. Terms and Meetings:

1. The members of the Council on Gender Equity shall continue in office until such time as they are replaced by the Mayor.

2. The meetings of the Council on Gender Equity shall be held on dates and at times and places determined by the Co-Chairs.


Megan Barry
Metropolitan County Mayor

Date: July 19, 2016