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Mayor Megan Barry Executive Order Number 37



Subject: Nashville Regional HIV Planning Council

I, Megan Barry, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby find, direct, and order the following:

I. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) disease is a chronic health condition which is a critical public health concern in Davidson County and Middle Tennessee. HIV disease disproportionately impacts certain populations, particularly marginalized individuals and racial and ethnic minorities, creating unacceptable health disparities. HIV is a treatable communicable disease, and equitable access to high-quality services prevents future cases and save lives. With the support of the federal government through the Ryan White Part A grant program, it is a priority for our city to effectively lessen the impacts of HIV disease in a consistent, data-driven, and collaborative manner.

II. It is the responsibility and authority of the Metropolitan Government to meet the requirements of the Ryan White grant with the goal of preventing new HIV infections in our community, assuring positive health outcomes for residents living with HIV disease, and eliminating health disparities. This responsibility and authority is set forth in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 (Public Law 111-87, October 30, 2009),

III. The Chief Medical Director of the Metropolitan Public Health Department (hereinafter MPHD) shall continue to be the Mayor’s Designee (hereinafter “Designee”) for performing grant-required CEO duties specified herein and for assuring compliance with the grant requirements.

IV. Community-wide action, and individual and community/population based strategies, are necessary to reach the grant goals. For this purpose, the Nashville Regional HIV Planning Council (hereinafter “Council”) is hereby continued.

1. The Council shall be comprised of twenty-five (25) members appointed by the Mayor. Additional ex-officio, non-voting members may be appointed by the Mayor. The existing members of the Council serving at the time of the effective date of this Executive Order shall remain members of the Council until their terms expire as determined by Council bylaws.

2. Candidates to fill vacancies in the Council membership shall be nominated by the Council and recommended to the Mayor.

a. Nominations must be based on a recruitment plan developed by the Council and designed to meet federal requirements for membership as specified in Ryan White legislation. Membership shall be diverse. Nominees shall also include stakeholders with expertise and insight relevant to documented local needs—for example, members may include representatives of organizations serving youth, seniors, members of faith communities, groups experiencing health disparities, and individuals from the academic, health insurance, business, legal, and housing sectors.

b. Nominees must be reflective of the demographics (race, ethnicity, gender, age) of HIV in our area, as defined by federal requirements.

c. Nominees must be capable of carrying out federally legislated tasks under the Ryan White Part A Program.

3. The Mayor shall review all nominations and appoint members.

V. The Council will meet in accordance with their Designee-approved bylaws and operating procedures. These operating procedures shall be designed to ensure that the Council and its members act with impartiality and fairness and in the best interests of the community.

VI. Chair(s) or Co-Chair(s) shall be selected by Council membership, or one of the two Co-Chairs may be appointed by the Mayor or Designee in accordance with the bylaws and the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009. The Council shall maintain committees as defined in the Council bylaws. Committee membership composition should reflect the diversity of the Council membership.

VII. Council duties: The Council shall be charged with completing the following duties as specified in the Ryan White grant requirements:

1. Develop, document, and implement bylaws, policies and procedures for Council operations.

2. Complete an annual process of Priority Setting and Resource Allocation that includes recommendations for addressing specific populations, geographic areas to be served, and/or service models (Directives).

3. Complete an annual assessment of MPHD’s efficiency in procuring and paying providers (Administrative Assessment).

4. In collaboration with MPHD and in compliance with the Ryan White grant requirements:

a. Complete an annual assessment of the HIV epidemic and the needs of persons at risk of, and living with, HIV disease (Needs Assessment).

b. Complete a strategic plan specifying goals and strategies for delivering services and improving the system of care (Comprehensive Plan).

c. Assure coordination of services.

d. Implement quality management activities, including Standards of Care.

VIII. Compensation: Members of the Council shall not be compensated for services rendered, however reimbursement for mileage and child care shall be allowed for persons defined as eligible under the grant requirements.

IX. Staff: MPHD shall provide staff support for the Council.


Megan Barry
Metropolitan County Mayor

Date: September 2, 2016