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Mayor Phil Bredesen's Executive Orders

(1991 - 1999)

87-03 Personnel Review Committee
88-02 Coordination of Metropolitan Government Activities to aid the Homeless
88-03 Establishment of the Public Event Coordinating Committee
89-11 Creation of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development
91-04 Establishment of the Underground Storage Tank Program (UST Program) 
91-05 Executive Orders Reaffirmed or repealed 
91-06 Ethics Committee establishment 
91-07 Financial and other disclosures by certain employees/officials  (Amended & Revised) 
91-08 Ethics, Conflict of Interest, and acceptance of gifts on the part of employees of Metropolitan Government 
91-09 Previous executive orders reaffirmation 
91-10 Arson Task Force establishment 
92-01 Personnel Review Committee 
92-02 24-hour assignment of passenger sedan vehicles 
92-03 Emergency Management 
92-04 Mayor's Advisory Committee on Refugee and Immigration Affairs 
92-05 Metropolitan Government Information Systems 
92-06 Procurement Appeals Board 
93-01 Mayor's Office of Film Development creation and appointment of Advisory Board 
94-01 Child Death Review Team establishment 
94-02 State of Civil Emergency establishment of process leading to declaration 
94-03 Juvenile Justice Commission creation 
94-04 Mayor's Office of Film Development dissolution 
94-05 Job Training Task Force creation 
94-06 Federal Crime Bill Coordination Task Force establishment   (Amended) 
95-01 Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing for safety-sensitive positions (Appendices 1-4) 
95-02 Nashville Convention Center complex management and control 
95-03 Emergency Management Urban Search and Research Team 
95-04 Bordeaux Landfill task force 
95-05 Workforce Investment Task Force establishment 
96-01 Nashville Film Office re-creation and restoration
(Repeal of Executive Orders 93-01 and 93-04)
97-01 Secondary employment limitations 
98-01 Tornado Recovery Board establishment 
98-02 Hiring/Promotion freeze and cost savings to achieve a 5% savings in non-salary portion of departmental budgets 
99-01 Y2K preparedness 
99-02 Sexually harassment awareness training for all employees 
99-03 Mayor's Advisory board on Animal Control creation 
99-04 ADA compliance verification and monitoring - Task Force report 
99-05 Workforce Investment Executive Committee establishment 
99-06 Emergency Radio Management Committee creation 
99-07 Mayor's Youth Council creation