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Subject: Creation of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development and Appointment of an Economic Development Planning Commission

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County engages in a variety of activities which affect the economic development of Nashville. The economic well-being of the community requires that these functions be carried out in an efficient and coordinated manner. It is also necessary that the Metropolitan Government's economic development efforts effectively complement those of the local business community, civic organizations and other groups whose activities impact Nashville's economic well-being.

There is, therefore, hereby created a Mayor's Office of Economic Development which shall serve as the Metropolitan Mayor's primary advisor on economic development matters. This office shall be responsible for developing programs to enhance economic development in Nashville; coordinating with other organizations, such as the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, which have the goal of promoting economic growth in Nashville; serving as the Metropolitan Government's primary contact with firms and individuals interested in locating businesses in Nashville; directing the activities of the Metropolitan Government's Economic Development Planning Committee, which is also being created by this Executive Order; and advising the Metropolitan Mayor on the development policies and implementation of economic development policies of the Metropolitan Government. This office shall be headed by a Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development who shall be appointed by the Metropolitan Mayor and shall be responsible for assembling a qualified staff.

Further, there is hereby created a Metropolitan Government Economic Development Planning Committee. This committee shall be chaired by the Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development. This committee shall be convened on a regularly scheduled basis for the purpose of ensuring that all elements of the Metropolitan Government are properly coordinated in carrying out the economic development policies of the Metropolitan Mayor.

The Metropolitan Government's Economic Development Planning Committee shall be composed of members representing the following agencies of the Metropolitan Government:

Mayor's Office of Economic Development

Metropolitan Development and Housing Authority

Greater Nashville Regional Council (GNRC)

Metropolitan Airport Authority

Metropolitan Historical Commission

Metropolitan Parks and Recreation Department

Metropolitan Traffic and Parking Commission

Metropolitan Transit Authority

Metropolitan Planning Commission

Department of Public Works

Department of Water and Sewer

Mayor's Employment and Training Resources  Agency

Department of Finance

Metropolitan Convention Center Commission

Codes Administration

Metro Nashville Port Authority

Nashville Area chamber of Commerce (ex officio)

The director of each of these agencies, or his/her authorized designee, shall serve on this committee. The Director of the Mayor's Office of Economic Development shall serve as Chair. The committee through its Chair shall make recommendations to the Metropolitan Mayor on means by which its coordinating function can be most effectively carried out.

The composition of this committee may be changed by Mayoral memorandum as events dictate.

Ordered this 31st day October 1991.

Philip Bredesen