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Subject: Financial and other disclosures by certain Metropolitan Government employees and officials.

I, Philip Bredesen, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby direct and order that.

1. Each Metropolitan government employee or official holding a position listed on Attachment A to this order shall annually disclose the following information:

the name and address of the business, and the nature of the employee's interest in any business, in which the individual or spouse, or child of the individual has a financial interest exceeding 5%.
the address of and nature of interest in any real property in which the individual, or the spouse or child of the individual has a financial interest exceeding 5%, excepting the primary personal residences of those individuals.
any non-Metropolitan Government position held, whether compensated or not, in any business entity, non-profit organization, labor group, educational or other institution, together with the nature and amount of any compensation, if applicable;
any litigation involving Metropolitan Government, or any entity with a relationship to Metropolitan Government, in which the person is a party or has a financial interest;
any felony conviction within 20 years of the date of the disclosure;
any debts, guarantees or endorsement of debts aggregating over $5,000 owed to one creditor at any time during the year, excluding loans from established financial institutions made in the ordinary course of business on usual and customary terms, and liabilities owed to a relative.
any debts of the employee, or a spouse or child of the employee, which are secured by a guarantee or collateral of any individual other than the employee, or a parent, spouse, or child of the employee.
the individual's Form 1040 Federal Income Tax return for the previous year, or a statement in the form of Attachment B describing the individual's sources of income for the portion of the prior year for which he or she is an employee of Metropolitan government.
2.  In addition, each person required to report shall annually sign a conflict of interest statement in a form approved by the Director of Law stating that he or she knows of no actual or potential conflict of interest with his or her duties respecting Metropolitan government, or listing and describing any circumstances which might constitute a conflict.

3. The Internal Auditor shall prepare forms to be used by each person required to report, and shall provide those forms to each individual prior to July I of each year. Such statements shall be filed with the Internal Auditor by July 15th of each year together with the income statements required in paragraph I (viii) above, except income statements for calendar year 1991 are not required to be filed with the disclosures filed for July 15, 1992, since they had previously been filed. Thus, income statements must accompany disclosure forms for filings made July 15, 1993 and thereafter.

4.  Each person required to report shall notify the Internal Auditor by letter of any substantial change in circumstance during the course of the year which may present a potential or actual conflict of interest with his or her duties as an employee or official of Metropolitan Government.

5.  The Internal Auditor shall maintain files of such disclosures and conflict of interest statements, and shall make them available for inspection by the public during normal working hours. The Internal Auditor shall file such disclosures and conflict of interest statements with the Metropolitan Clerk to the extent required by law.

6. This order supersedes and repeals Executive Order 88-10, Integrity in Government and Financial Disclosures by certain Metro Employees.

Ordered this 24th day of June 1994

Philip Bredesen


Office of the Mayor
    Metropolitan County Mayor
    Chief of Staff

Civil Service Commission
    Director of Personnel

Department of Codes Administration
    Director of Codes Administration
        Assistant Director
        Senior Warrant Officer
        Permit Manager
        Chief Plans Examiner
            Plans Examiner
        Zoning Administrator
            Zoning Appeals Specialist
            Superintendent of Zoning Enforcement
                Field Supervisor
                    Zoning Inspector
                        Zoning Inspector Trainee
                Senior Zoning Examiner
                        Zoning Examiner
                Building Inspector Chief
                        Field Supervisor
                            Building Inspector
                Electrical Inspector Chief
                        Field Supervisor
                            Electrical Inspector
                Plumbing Inspector Chief
                        Field Supervisor
                        Plumbing Inspector
                Mechanical/Gas Chief
                        Field Supervisor
                        Mechanical/Gas Inspector
                Housing Inspector Chief
                        Field Supervisor
                            Housing Inspector

Department of Fire
    Director (Chief)
        Deputy Director
            Deputy Chief
                Assistant Chief
                Fire Marshal
                Chief Training Officer
                    Deputy Fire Marshal
                    Business Manager III
                    Assistant Superintendent
                    Assistant Chief Training Officer
                    District Chief
                        Supervising Fire Maintenance Worker
                        Supervising Fire Apparatus Worker
                        Assistant Fire Marshal
                            Fire Inspector

Department of General Services

Department of Law
    Director of Law

Department of Metropolitan Finance
    Director of Finance
        Assistant Director of Finance
        Chief Auditor with the Internal Audit Division
        Collections Office
        Director of Public Property
        Director of Central Accounts
        Coordinator of Data Processing
        Purchasing Agent
            Assistant Purchasing Agent
                Senior Buyer
                Buyer I
        Sealer of Weights and Measures

Department of Metropolitan Police
    Director (Chief)
        Assistant Chief
        Deputy Chief

Department of Public Works
        Associate Director
        Assistant Director/Engineering
            Chief Engineer
            Engineering Supervisor
            Senior Engineer
            Superintendent Engineering Field Operations
            Utility Development Coordinator
            Engineer in Training
            Senior Construction Inspector
            Engineering Technician III
            Engineering Technician II
            Construction Inspector
        Assistant Director/Streets and Roads
            Superintendent Special Operations
        Assistant Director/Solid Waste
            Engineer in Training
            Landfill Manager
            Sanitation Manager
            Recycling Coordinator
            Contract Administrator of Refuse Collection
        Assistant Director/Administration
            Business Manager III
            Department Safety Coordinator
            Administrative Services Manager
        Assistant Director/Fleet Management
            Equipment Fleet Manager

Department of Water and Sewerage Services
        Associate Director
            Assistant Director/Engineering and Construction
                Chief Engineer
                    Engineering Supervisor
                        Senior Engineer
                                Engineer in Training
                            Supervisor of Inspections
                                Assistant Supervisor of Inspections
                                Sr. Construction Inspector
                                    Construction Inspector
                                Supervisor of Technical Services
                                    Engineering Tech III
                                    Engineering Tech II
                    Special Assistant to Director
                        Administrative Analyst IV

        Assistant Director/Finance & Accounting
            Assistant Data Processing Manager
                Billing & Collection Manager
                    Principal Utility Accountant
                        Manager of Stores
                            Asst. Manager Billing & Collection
                                Water Meter Shop Supervisor
                                    Supervisor of Procurement

Assistant Director/Operations
    Superintendent of Operations
        Superintendent of Treatment Plants
            Treatment Plant Manager III
        Superintendent of Laboratories
            Industrial Waste Coordinator

Assistant Director/Personnel

Assistant Director/System Services
    System Services Manager
        Fleet Manager
            Asst Superintendent Construction & Repair

Election Commission
        Voting Machine Warehouse Manager

Historical Commission
    Executive Director

Historic Zoning Commission
    Executive Director

Human Relations Commission
    Executive Director

Metropolitan Action Commission

Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission
    Executive Director

Metropolitan Auditorium Commission
    Auditorium Manager

Metropolitan Board of Health
    Chief Medical Director
    Director, Food Inspection
        Food Inspector I
        Food Inspector II
        Food Inspector III

Metropolitan Board of Hospitals
    Director of Hospitals
        Hospital Administrator

Metropolitan Board of Parks and Recreation
    Director of Parks

Metropolitan Clerk's Office
    Taxicab and Wrecker Inspector I
    Taxicab and Wrecker Dispatcher II

Metropolitan Development and Housing Authority
    Executive Director

Metropolitan Employee Benefit Board
    Executive Secretary

Metropolitan Planning Commission
    Executive Director

Metropolitan Social Services Commission
    Director of Social Services

Metropolitan Traffic and Parking Commission
    Executive Secretary

Public Library Board
    Chief Librarian

Farmer's Market Board


Metropolitan Beer Permit Board
    Executive Secretary

Metropolitan Board of Fair Commissions

Metropolitan Convention Center Commission



In lieu of filing Federal Income Tax Form 1040, the Metropolitan Government

employees required to file under Executive Order 91-07 may submit the following information:

1. NAME:



4. Amount of employee's taxable income as reflected on Internal
    Revenue Service Forms W-2, 1099, and K-1

5.  Amount of income derived from real property in Davidson
    County, other than a primary personal residence, which has
    been subject to administrative or legislative action by
    Metropolitan Government. (Income shall include rents, capital
    gains or losses or capital gains distribution)

6. Amount of income received from positions listed in Item I (iii)
    of Executive Order 91-07 requiring a list of all non
    governmental positions held in a business entity, organization,
    group or other institution


Sworn to and subscribed before me this ____ day of _____ 19___.

Notary Public

My commission expires: