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Subject: 24 Hour Assignment of Passenger Sedan Vehicles

I, Philip Bredesen, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby direct and order that.

1.   The purpose of this administrative order is to limit the use of take home Metro vehicles to circumstances where (i) assignment of a 24 hour vehicle is clearly required for proper job performance and the use of a personal auto is not appropriate; or (ii) it is clearly less expensive to Metropolitan Government to assign a 24-hour vehicle to an employee.

2. This policy applies to all departments of Metropolitan Government, excepting any department administered by any elected official, the Airport Authority, Nashville Electric Service, and MDHA. The officials in charge of those areas are respectfully requested to comply with this Order in the interest of fairness and economy.

3. Effective 1 April 1992, no unmarked, passenger sedan automobiles are to be assigned on a 24-hour basis to any employee, with the exceptions described below.

4. Exceptions to this policy are:

(i) Automobiles assigned to the Chief of Police and Director of Emergency Management;

(ii) Automobiles assigned to the police department and engaged in full-time public safety work (vice, intelligence, undercover, etc.) and autos assigned to officers serving warrants.

(iii) Automobiles which have been justified in writing to the Director of Finance, and for which written approval has been

5.  Acceptable justifications for a 24-hour automobile include: an employee who uses an automobile throughout the day, and frequently reports to different job sites at the beginning of the day; an employee subject to frequent off-duty call and who needs special equipment which is not practical to carry in or transfer to the employee's personal automobile; circumstances where it is clearly economically advantageous to provide the employee with a 24-hour vehicle as opposed to paying the employee mileage for the use of a personal automobile.

6.  Unacceptable justifications include: assignment of a vehicle as a perquisite of a position; the employee's job requires attendance at meetings or other functions during off-duty hours; the employee on occasion uses a two-way radio while off duty (portable radios or telephones may be used instead); the employee is on 24-hour call, but only occasionally is required to report to an emergency during off-duty hours.

7.  The presumption in any situation is against the assignment of a 24 hour vehicle and in favor of mileage reimbursement to the employee for job-related travel in a personal automobile.

8.  All 24-hour automobiles not justified in the manner described shall be turned in to the Motor Pool by 1 April 1992. Any department which needs to retain any of these vehicles for daytime use should discuss this with the Director of Finance prior to April 1 and receive his, written approval to do so.

9.  The Director of Public Property is hereby directed to dispose of the vehicles turned in accordance with established procedures, and to provide a written report to the Mayor by 30 June 1992 on the disposition of those vehicles. The Director of General Services is directed to revise the Automobile Fleet Regulations established in Executive Order 89-15 to comply with this Order. This order supersedes any part of Executive Order 89-15 inconsistent with it.

Ordered this 5th day of February 1992.

Philip Bredesen