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Subject: Establishment of the Tornado Recovery Board

WHEREAS, portions of Nashville were severely damaged by a tornado on April 16, 1998; and

WHEREAS, there remain many homes, businesses and public ways still damaged and for which all needed repairs have not been made; and

WHEREAS, there remain many individual citizens who are experiencing difficulty in financing or obtaining repair and reconstruction services; and

WHEREAS, there exists a need to continue the centralized administration of recovery efforts and to ensure clear and timely communication among all the interested and responsible parties.

NOW THEREFORE, I, Philip Bredesen, Mayor of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by virtue of the power and authority vested in me, do hereby direct and order the following:

1. The establishment of an entity known as the Tornado Recovery Board located administratively within the Mayor's office;

2. The offices of the Board shall be at the Office of Emergency Management.

3. The establishment for fiscal year 1998-99 of one full-time position funded by the Metropolitan Government, to report to the Board. The available funding for July 1, 1998 to June 30, 1999 is $50,000.

4. The Board shall consist initially of 19 members as follow:

(a) Seven Representatives of affected areas:

(i) Two homeowners from the affected area of East Nashville selected by Councilmember Eileen Beehan.

(ii) One representative from the business community of the affected area of East Nashville selected by Councilmember Eileen Beehan

(iii) Two homeowners from the affected area of Rosebank selected by Councilmember Earl Campbell

(iv) One homeowner from the affected area of West Nashville chosen by Councilmember Willis McCallister

(v) One homeowner from the affected area of Hermitage chosen by Councilmember Bruce Stanley.

(b) One representative of the Commissioner of Insurance of the State of Tennessee

(c) Eight representatives of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville as follow:

(i) Mr. Jim Thacker of the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management.

(ii) Mr. Marlin Keel of Public Works

(iii) Mr. Michael Miller of Social Services.

(iv) Mr. Terry Cobb of the Codes Department

(v) Ms. Ann Reynolds of the Historical Commission

(vi) Mr. Gerald Nicely of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Authority

(vii) Ms. Eileen Beehan of the Metropolitan Council

(viii) Mr. Earl Campbell of the Metropolitan Council

(d) Pastor Lannie Lawler, representing the affected congregations participating in community recovery

(e) One representative of the construction industry chosen by the Mayor.

(f) Mr. David Thibodeau, selected by the Mayor to represent the banking industry.

5. The responsibilities of the Board shall be to:

(a) Seek out and identify problems relating to the reconstruction of the affected areas.

This will include meeting with affected homeowners and businesses to solicit information and recommendations. This is intended to include both physical reconstruction issues and social issues related to the tornado damage;

(b) Make the appropriate areas of Metropolitan and State government aware of such problems and offer recommendations for their solution;

(c) Make other community agencies and involved parties aware of such problems and recommend and coordinate solutions;

(d) Recommend to the appropriate entity the proper distribution of funds designated for tornado relief efforts;

(e) Identify protocols and resources that the staff of the Board will recommend to individuals seeking assistance from various government and private resources;

(f) Such other responsibilities relating to the reconstruction of tornado affected areas as the board may determine to be appropriate;

(g) The Board shall not have the authority to direct the activities or expenditures of any Metro Department, or to appropriate any funds, such power being reserved by the Metropolitan Charter to the Mayor and the Metropolitan Council respectively.

6. The first meeting of the Board shall be at the Mayor's office on a date to be selected in July, and will be chaired by the Mayor. Subsequent meetings will be chaired by a permanent chair selected by the membership of the Board.

7. The board shall continue in existence until June 30, 2001 unless it shall itself determine to disband earlier by a majority vote of all its members.

Ordered this 30th day of June 1998.

Philip Bredesen