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Bill BL2019-1658

An ordinance amending Chapter 12.62 of Title 12 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws regarding shared urban mobility devices.


Section 1. That Title 12, Section 12.62.080 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws is hereby amended by deleting it in its entirety and substituting in lieu thereof the following:

12.62.080 - Number of shared urban mobility devices allowed.

  1. Permitted operators' fleets shall be limited in number, with separate limitations for each type or category of SUMD, such as bicycles, powered bicycles, and powered scooters. The MTLC may establish other categories of SUMDs.
  2. Each type of category of SUMD in a permitted operator's fleet shall be limited in number as determined by the MTLC.
  3. The MTLC shall establish criteria, rules and procedures for determining the number SUMDs in a permitted operator’s fleet.
  4. No permitted operator that is operating as of May 16, 2019 or thereafter shall be granted an increase in the number of SUMDs in its fleet throughout the remainder of the pilot program.
  5. The MTLC may require permitted operators to reduce their fleet size after notice and a hearing before the MTLC. Pursuant to the authority provided under subsection 12.62.050.M herein, the MTLC may further require permitted operators to immediately reduce their fleet size in the interests of public health and safety, with such reductions remaining in effect until a notice and hearing is conducted by the MTLC within no more than 60 days following such action.
  6. The MTLC shall establish regulations, requirements and limitations to reduce clustering of SUMDs. Until the MTLC establishes such regulations, requirements and limitations, all permitted operators shall have systems with service areas that do not exceed two hundred twenty-five of each type of SUMDs per square mile. The MTLC shall designate the location of the square mile locations in relation to service areas.
  7. The MTLC shall establish regulations, requirements and limitations to require permitted operators to include Nashville Promise Zones in their service areas. Until the MTLC establishes such regulations, requirements and limitations, any permitted vendors operating systems with five hundred or more SUMDs must include Nashville Promise Zones in twenty percent or more of their service area.

Section 2. That Title 12, Section 12.62.070 of the Metropolitan Code is hereby amended by adding a new subsection C to read as follows:

C. The MTLC has the authority to establish any additional fees it determines necessary and reasonable to carry out and enforce this pilot program, including but not limited to assessing fees on already permitted operators.

Section 3. This ordinance shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Jeremy Elrod, Freddie O'Connell

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Legislative History

IntroducedJune 4, 2019

Passed First ReadingJune 4, 2019

Referred toPublic Safety, Beer, and Regulated Beverages Committee
Public Works Committee
Traffic, Parking, and Transportation Committee

DeferredJune 18, 2019

SubstitutedJuly 2, 2019

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Last Modified: 07/15/2019 10:03 AM