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Resolution RS2018-1090

A resolution authorizing the Director of Public Property, or his designee, to exercise option agreements for the purchase of various flood-prone properties, for Metro Water Services (MWS Project No. 17WS0001 and Proposal No. 2017M-022PR-006).

WHEREAS, it is in the public interest for The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County to acquire certain flood-prone property; and,

WHEREAS, the properties shown on Exhibit 1 are flood-prone; and,

WHEREAS, Section 2.24.250(F) of the Metropolitan Code of Laws provides:
Where land in fee simple is being purchased for purposes other than for rights-of-way for highways, streets, roads, alleys and other places for vehicular traffic, the director of public property administration shall negotiate for the purchase of such property and seek to obtain from the owner an option to sell to the Metropolitan government at a fixed price, subject to the approval of the Metropolitan Council by resolution, and no purchase shall be consummated until it has been so approved by the Metropolitan Council; and,

WHEREAS, pursuant to the terms of the agreements attached hereto and incorporated herein as Exhibits 2-5, the Metropolitan Government holds Options to purchase those certain real properties as shown in Section 1 below; and,

WHEREAS, The Metropolitan Planning Commission approved mandatory referral No. 2017M-022PR-006 on February 15, 2018, for acquisition of the properties; and

WHEREAS, it is in the best interest of the citizens of Nashville and Davidson County to approve the purchase of said properties.


Section 1. The Director of Public Property, or his designee, is hereby authorized to exercise the options to purchase four properties as shown on Exhibit 1 and described in Exhibits 2-5, which are attached hereto and incorporated by reference and to execute the necessary documents pertaining thereto.

Tax Map & Parcel Address Council District
052-09-0 162.00 2683 Miami Avenue, 37214 15
062-05-0 038.00 2413 Pennington Bend Road, 37214 15
062-05-0 025.00 2445 Pennington Bend Road, 37214 15
062-05-0 024.00 2447 Pennington Bend Road, 37214 15

Section 2. This resolution shall take effect upon passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Jeff Syracuse, Tanaka Vercher, Fabian Bedne, Jeremy Elrod

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Legislative History

Referred toPlanning Commission - Approved
Budget and Finance Committee
Planning, Zoning, and Historical Committee
Public Works Committee

IntroducedMarch 20, 2018

AdoptedMarch 20, 2018

ApprovedMarch 21, 2018

By Mayor Briley's signature

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