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Resolution RS2018-1329

A resolution appropriating a total of $200,000 from the Juvenile Court to various nonprofit organizations selected to receive Community Partnership Fund grants.

WHEREAS, Section 7-3-314 of the Tennessee Code Annotated states that metropolitan forms of government may provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations in accordance with the guidelines of the Metropolitan Government; and,

WHEREAS, Section 5.04.070 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws provides that the Council may, by Resolution, appropriate funds for the financial aid of nonprofit organizations; and,

WHEREAS, the Juvenile Court has accepted applications from nonprofit organizations to receive Community Partnership Fund grants; and,

WHEREAS, the Mayor has accepted the recommendations of the Juvenile Court that $200,000 in Community Partnership Fund grants should be disbursed to specific nonprofit organizations; and,

WHEREAS, it is to the benefit of the citizens of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County that these funds be appropriated to these nonprofit organizations.


Section 1. There is hereby appropriated Two Hundred Thousand dollars ($200,000) from the Juvenile Court to nonprofit organizations as follows:

$50,000 to Oasis Center of Nashville for the REAL Program;
$50,000 to Stars Nashville for the YODA Program;
$50,000 to Meharry Medical College, RWJF Center for Health Policy, for the Aggressors, Victims, Bystanders (AVB) Program; and,
$50,000 to Meharry Medical College, Division of Public Health Practice, for the Epic Girl Program.

Section 2. The Metropolitan Government is hereby authorized to enter into a grant contract with the nonprofit organizations listed in Section 1 above for the amount provided herein for the purposes stated. Such contract shall specify the terms and conditions under which the grant funds are to be spent.

Section 3. That this Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Jim Shulman

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Legislative History

Referred toBudget and Finance Committee - Approved

IntroducedAugust 7, 2018

AdoptedAugust 7, 2018 - Roll Call Vote

ApprovedAugust 8, 2018

ByMayor Briley's signature

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