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Resolution RS2018-1321

A resolution declaring surplus and approving the disposition of certain parcels of real property in accordance with section 2.24.050(G) of the Metropolitan Code of Laws (Proposal No. 2018M-018PR-001).

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Government owns certain parcels of property identified as shown in Section 1 below; and,

WHEREAS, Section 2.24.250(G) of the Metropolitan Code of Laws provides:

When the director of public property administration determines that no department or agency of the metropolitan government has a need for a parcel of property acquired through the delinquent tax-sale process established in Tennessee Code Annotated Section 67-5-2501 et seq., and upon which, as determined by the director of codes administration, the Metropolitan Code prohibits the construction of improvements requiring a building permit on account of small lot size or other lot characteristics, the director may, subject to the prior approval of the metropolitan council by resolution, execute an agreement to sell the parcel to the owner of any adjacent tract for a price not less than the most current appraised value ("appraised value") listed in the records of the metropolitan tax assessor, or to the adjacent tract owner offering the highest price if no adjacent owner is willing to pay the appraised value. The metropolitan council may authorize the disposition of more than one such property as part of the same resolution. The form of any agreement used pursuant to this section shall be approved by the director of law; and,

WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Government has determined that these certain parcels of property are no longer needed for governmental purposes.


Section 1. The Metropolitan Council declares the following parcels of land, owned in fee simple by the Metropolitan Government, and described hereto and incorporated herein, to be surplus.

Map - Parcel No. Address - Location Council District
059-05-0-296.00 0 Sunnyview Drive 1
060-14-0-096.00 0 Woodfolk Avenue 2
082-04-0-360.00 1107 McFerrin Avenue 5
071-16-0-402.00 0 Ward Street 5
072-13-0-438.00 0 Jewel Street 5
082-04-0-250.00 893 Granada Avenue 5
060-16-0-120.00 0 Brunswick Drive 8
105-04-0-049.00 59 Lincoln Street 17
093-15-0-295.00 1053 2nd Avenue South 17
081-12-0-133.00 1615 10th Avenue North 19
092-04-0-359.00 605 12th Avenue North 19
081-08-0-313.00 1717 Delta Avenue 21
081-12-0-042.00 0 9th Avenue North 21
081-12-0-040.00 1712 9th Avenue North 21
081-12-0-041.00 1714 9th Avenue North 21
081-11-0-271.00 0 17th Avenue North 21
091-04-0-100.00 0 Dr. Walter S. Davis Blvd. 21
081-12-0-453.00 0 Buchanan Street 21
092-09-0-059.00 3500 Delaware Avenue 21
092-09-0-058.00 3502 Delaware Avenue 21
092-09-0-057.00 3504 Delaware Avenue 21
103-03-0-144.00 0 Idaho Avenue 24
131-07-0-051.01 0 Castleman Drive 25

Section 2. The Director of Public Property is hereby authorized and directed to dispose of said property listed above in accordance with Section 2.24.250(G) of the Metropolitan Code of Laws and the Standard Rules and Regulations for the disposition of surplus property.

Section 3. The proceeds from the sale of said parcel(s) of property shall be credited to the General Fund of the district from whose operating budget the last department, commission, board or agency using the real property is financed.

Section 4. This resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Jim Shulman, Fabian Bedne, Jeremy Elrod

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Legislative History

Referred toPlanning Commission - Approved
Budget and Finance Committee - Approved
Planning, Zoning, and Historical Committee - Approved

IntroducedAugust 7, 2018

AdoptedAugust 7, 2018

ApprovedAugust 8, 2018

ByMayor Briley's signature

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