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Resolution RS2019-1690

A resolution recognizing Bob Skoney upon the occasion of his retirement for 42 years of service at Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

WHEREAS, Bob Skoney has served as an employee of Municipal Auditorium since 1977, and has served as General Manager of the facility for the last 25 years; and

WHEREAS, Skoney was fresh out of the University of Alabama when he started at Municipal Auditorium in 1977, at a time when the facility served as one of Nashville’s only buildings to play to audiences of more than 9,000; and

WHEREAS, Skoney joined Municipal Auditorium during its early heyday for concerts and political events, and remembers moments from shows such as The Police, Queen, AC/DC, The Jacksons, Earth Wind & Fire, Elton John, The Village People, the Charlie Daniels Band, Metallica, Foo Fighters and Ke$ha; and

WHEREAS, the history of Municipal Auditorium can be seen on the exterior of the building, where a large mural of ticket stubs covers the wall just outside the main entrance, showcasing the many artists that have played the venue; and

WHEREAS, most of the tickets on display in the mural were preserved by Skoney, who began saving extras, known as “deadwood” in his desk drawer after every event, starting in 1977; and

WHEREAS, once competition from other venues in the city arose, with Bob Skoney’s help, Municipal had to reinvent itself and moved towards hockey and baseball, rodeos and circuses, and later became the home for heavy metal bands, then cheerleading conferences and religious assemblies in the 1990s; and

WHEREAS, Skoney was tested with near-constant upkeep of the aging facility, and has preserved the best of the old, such as refurbishing the original 1962 seats, while modernizing facilities like the performer dressing rooms and the public bathrooms; and

WHEREAS, Skoney has said that “When the lights go down, and the show goes on without a hitch, and the applause starts, that’s my paycheck”; and

WHEREAS, upon retirement, Skoney will spend his time bass fishing, snow skiing, traveling, and having fun with his wife of 30 years, Lisa; and

WHEREAS, it is fitting and proper that the Metropolitan Council recognizes and congratulates Bob Skoney upon his retirement and thanks him for his 42 years of service to Municipal Auditorium and the citizens of Nashville.


Section 1. The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as recognizing Bob Skoney upon the occasion of his retirement for 42 years of service at Nashville Municipal Auditorium.

Section 2. This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Freddie O'Connell

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Legislative History

Referred toConvention, Tourism, and Public Entertainment Facilities Committee

IntroducedApril 16, 2019

AdoptedApril 16, 2019

ApprovedApril 17, 2019

ByMayor Briley's signature

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