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Resolution RS2020-453

A resolution requesting the Metro Finance Department and Office of the Mayor to submit a revised tax levy ordinance for consideration by the Metro Council in August 2020 to account for newly available funds.

WHEREAS, over the past 6 months, Nashville has experienced several catastrophic weather events including tornadoes, flooding and hurricane-force straight-line winds, which have caused irreparable financial hardship to many of its residents, and;

WHEREAS, during this same time, the Governor of the State of Tennessee, and the Mayor of Metropolitan Nashville issued Stay at Home Emergency Declarations and Executive Orders in accordance with Federal, State and other local mandates due to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, and;

WHEREAS, these Declarations and Executive Orders mandated the closure of most all business activities for a period of three months, and created an environment in which tens of thousands of our citizens lost their jobs and livelihood, and;

WHEREAS, the Metro Council voted at the Tuesday, June 16, 2020 Council meeting to approve Metro’s FY 2021 budget ordinance (Substitute Ordinance No. BL2020-286, as amended) and the corresponding property tax levy (Substitute Ordinance No. BL2020-287), which raised the property tax rate by 34%, and;

WHEREAS, Substitute Ordinance No. BL2020-286, as amended, provides that not later than noon on August 15, 2020, the Director of Finance shall provide the Metropolitan Council with an updated estimate of revenues, classified by source, to be received by the Metropolitan Government during FY2021, and;

WHEREAS, numerous officials and experts at the local, state, and federal level believe that additional grants, loan programs, and other subsidies will be forthcoming to Metro from the Federal or State government related to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, and;

WHEREAS, as local elected officials, it is our duty to set the property tax rate no higher than is necessary to provide necessary and appropriate services to residents of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County.


Section 1: The Council of Metropolitan Nashville and Davidson County hereby requests the Metro Finance Department and Office of the Mayor to submit a revised tax levy ordinance, along with any other necessary legislation, not later than August 15, 2020, that accounts for any and all funds provided to the Metropolitan Government related to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, from whatever source, that are not specifically and irrevocably earmarked for a specific cost, task, or effort, and that will be reasonably available to the Metropolitan Government during FY 2021. The revised tax levy should result in the same total amount of revenue available to the Metropolitan Government for FY 2021 as is provided in Substitute Ordinance No. BL2020-287.

Section 2: This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Robert Swope, Freddie O'Connell, Jonathan Hall, Erin Evans

Legislative History

Referred toBudget and Finance Committee

IntroducedJuly 21, 2020

FailedJuly 21, 2020

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