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Resolution RS2018-1246

A resolution recognizing June 2018 as Immigrant Heritage Month in Nashville and Davidson County.

WHEREAS, generations of immigrants from every corner of the globe have built our country’s economy and created the unique character of our nation; and

WHEREAS, diversity is the lifeblood of our nation; the hard work, entrepreneurial spirit, and innovation that powers our economy and improves our way of life flows from our multicultural and inclusive nature; and

WHEREAS, immigrants continue to grow businesses, innovate, strengthen our economy, and create American jobs in Tennessee; and

WHEREAS, immigrants have provided the United States with unique social and cultural influences, fundamentally enriching the extraordinary character of our nation; and

WHEREAS, the number of foreign-born residents in Nashville has more than doubled over the past decade, and nearly twelve percent (12%) of our population was born outside of the United States; and

WHEREAS, within Metro Nashville Public Schools, students speak more than 120 different languages, and nearly a third (30%) speak a language other than English at home; and

WHEREAS, immigrants have been tireless leaders, not only in securing their own rights and access to equal opportunity, but also campaigning to create a fairer and more just society for all Americans; and

WHEREAS, despite these countless contributions, the role of immigrants in building and enriching our nation has frequently been overlooked and undervalued throughout our history, continuing to the present day; and

WHEREAS, Nashville and Davidson County continues to reaffirm its status this year as a welcoming city for new Americans and all who call our city home.


Section 1: The Metropolitan Council hereby goes on record as recognizing June 2018 as Immigrant Heritage Month in Nashville and Davidson County.

Section 2: The Metropolitan Clerk is directed to send a copy of this Resolution, as approved, to – a non-profit 501(c)(4) advocacy group based in the United States that lobbies and advocates for immigration reform, among other objectives.

Section 3: This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Mina Johnson, Fabian Bedne, Bob Mendes, Burkley Allen, Freddie O'Connell

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Legislative History

Referred toRules, Confirmations, and Public Elections Committee

IntroducedJune 5, 2018

AdoptedJune 5, 2018

Returned unsigned by the MayorJune 20, 2018

EffectiveJune 20, 2018

Requests for ADA accommodation should be directed to the Metropolitan Clerk at 615-862-6770.

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