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Lobbyist Regulations

The lobbyist registration, disclosure, code of ethics, and regulatory ordinance requires anyone engaged in lobbying an official in the legislative or executive branch of the Metropolitan Government to register with the Metropolitan Clerk. Registration of continuing lobbyist engagements are due December 31 for the following year, and reports of prior year activities are due by January 31.

The Lobbyist Chapter of the Metropolitan Code of Laws has changed effective January 1, 2021. The Metropolitan Board of Ethical Conduct is now the authority which oversees compliance, adjudicates complaints, and issues advisory opinions related to the Lobbyist Chapter. The Board has published a Lobbyist Manual as well as Frequently Asked Questions to provide guidance on the new law.

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Required Forms

A separate registration and annual filing fee of $100.00 is required for each person or entity whom the lobbyist represents.

  • Registration and Payment
    • New or Initial Engagement Registrations are due within five (5) business days of execution of the engagement agreement
    • Renewal Registrations for existing clients are due by December 31 for the subsequent year. A separate registration and annual filing fee of $100.00 is required for each person or entity whom the lobbyist represents
  • Amendment to Lobbyist Registration– registration amendments are due within five (5) business days of applicable change in circumstances
  • Withdrawal as Lobbyist – registration withdrawal are due within five (5) business days of termination of engagement

Annual Lobbyist Reports

Lobbyist Report – Reports are due by January  31, 2021. A $50 late fee must accompany reports submitted late. On March  1, 2021 a list of lobbyists who have failed to file this report or who have  filed late but did not pay this fee must be reported to the Board of Ethical  Conduct.

You may peruse annual reports filed by lobbyists registered with the Metropolitan Government beginning with calendar year 2019 at this location:

Lobbyist Reports on File

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