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Public Records Request Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule (PDF format)

Pursuant to Metro Ordinance BL2017-708 the production of records shall be efficiently produced using the most cost effective means.  Fees charged for public records requests are outlined in Metro's Public Records Policy and Procedures unless otherwise afforded under local, state, or federal law. Metro reserves the right to determine the medium in which requests are delivered if not provided via hardcopy.

Type Description Cost
Inspection Only Inspection only of open public records. No charge unless copies are requested at the time of inspection. Cost of labor shall then be prorated per Section VI.D. of the Policy.
Hardcopy A per-page charge for hardcopies of requested records.
8.5” x 11” (Letter) and 8.5” x 14” (Legal)
B&W $.15 per printed page
Color $.50 per printed page
Portable Media Records are copied to Metro issued portable storage media including but not limited to Compact Disc (CD), Digital Video Disc (DVD), Flash Drive, Hard Drive, etc. Actual cost
Type Description Cost
USPS Records which are delivered by the United States Postal Service will incur charges for packaging, shipping, handling and certified mail. Actual cost
Other Means of Delivery Packaging, Shipping, Handling, Courier Fees and any other incurred cost. Actual cost
Type Description Cost
Employee Labor Employee labor that is reasonably necessary to produce requested records. No charge for first hour.
Costs are calculated based on hourly or salaried wage as outlined in procedures.
Outside Vendor Outside vendors may be used for unusual formats, large quantities, or other circumstances otherwise necessary to deliver the requested records. Actual cost