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Metro Records Center

The Metro Records Center has been in service to the Departments of Metropolitan Government since 1991. It was moved from Elm Hill Pike in 2006 to the Metro South East complex where it occupies 36,000 square feet with a capacity for 52,000 cubic containers. It is secure, orderly and a cost efficient central storage house for government inactive records in the later stages of their use cycle. Employing a 3-tiered bar code system, all activity is logged from accession to final disposition. At that time, departments sign off and the records are either securely destroyed or transferred, along with custody, to the Metro Archives for historical purposes.

Storage boxes and barcodes are provided to the departments by the Metro Record Center. The necessary forms for transference are linked below.

The Metro Records Center is issued a van for box pickups and delivery. File folder requests are sent through Metro Mail. Departments may pick up directly if expediency is needed.

Forms for Records Transfer and Storage

Records Transmittal Spreadsheet
Please do not alter the columns. One row per barcode and follow prompts.

Records Transmittal and Receipt Form
Print and sign

Video Tour of Metro Records Center