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Records Disposition Authorization

Metro Government records must only be destroyed in accordance with approved Records Disposition Authorizations. Each authorization is written for a specific record series within a department. It regulates the period of time after which destruction of the record is authorized or it identifies archival records and mandates their permanent retention as a matter of policy. Approval for Records Disposition Authorization is obtained through the Public Records Commission.

Records Disposition Authorization

There are certain types of records common to all departments. To this end, the Metropolitan Clerk has approved the General Records Schedule (RDA 328). All Metro departments, offices, and agencies may use this schedule.

General Records Schedule

The General Records Schedule has retention entries authorizing dispositions for most types of administrative (100), financial (200), and human resources (300) records. Please be aware that if your department has hiring or purchasing authority, the entries in the financial and human resources sections of the General Records Schedule may not apply to your records. You may need to seek approval for retentions specific to your department.