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Metro Council Public Comment Period

Historically, the Metropolitan Council holds Public Hearings regarding noticed items on the agenda on the first Tuesday of each month in the Historic Metro Courthouse in the David Scobey Chamber. As this legislative body continues to operate in the spirit of transparency, the Metro Council has decided to open up the first twenty (20) minutes of each second monthly meeting for public speaking. This time is dedicated to allow constituents to present and speak upon matter(s) important to them and the Nashville community, not on the agenda.

Given that Zoning related matters are taken up during the first Tuesday meeting, this time will not be reserved to discuss such topic(s). Constituents are encouraged to reach out to the Council office should they be uncertain of the appropriateness of the topic they wish to discuss.

To give everyone the same opportunity to participate and contribute to the legislative process, we do require that constituents sign up in advance. Applications will be taken and fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Fill out registration form
  • Receive registration confirmation
  • Provide any hand out materials to Council office staff
  • Receive confirmation of Council office staff receipt of materials
  • Receive confirmation of your Public Comment date and order of speaking
  • Arrive at courthouse on your designated date by 5:30pm
  • Check in at Public Comment desk on mezzanine
  • Sit in designated area until you are called to the lectern