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Metro Council Public Comment Guidelines

In order to facilitate participation and allow everyone an opportunity to speak, the following guidelines have been established:


  • A resident of Davidson County may register for one (1) time slot every ninety (90) days. Each time slot allows for a two (2) minute speech. Sign-up must be completed through the online form. Sign-up information provided through the online form must be true, complete and accurate in all respects. Note that the topic for this comment period may NOT pertain to any pending Ordinance or Resolution.
  • Your completed sign-up MUST be received no later than 4:30 p.m. the Thursday prior to the meeting at which you wish to speak. Note that Public Comment Periods are held the third Tuesday of the month, during the second Council Meeting of the month.
  • The first ten (10) individuals to submit a completed application will be chosen to speak at the meeting.
  • Written materials such as handouts or other literature may be distributed during the meeting. These written materials must contain the speaker’s name, date, organization name (if applicable), telephone number, home address, and signature affixed to the front of the document. Bring these items to the check-in desk. Electronic presentations or presentations requiring equipment or set-up (PowerPoint, Pre-recorded Audio/Video, etc.) are prohibited.
  • Written materials to be distributed must be attached to the sign-up form at the time of submission on Pursuant to Council Rule of Procedure 47, written materials must contain the above information, be signed by the speaker requesting distribution, and be received by the Council Office before the Council Meeting.
  • If your sign-up form is incomplete, you will be notified via e-mail. You will be requested to re-submit any missing information before noon the Monday prior to the meeting to respond. Failure to submit all required information will automatically forfeit your sign-up and you will need to wait ninety (90) days to re-register.
  • Once you are listed as a speaker for a given hearing date, you will be notified via e-mail no later than 4:30 p.m. the Monday before the meeting. If you fail to appear and check-in between 5:45 p.m. and 6:15 p.m. prior to the meeting, you will forfeit your sign-up and you will need to wait ninety (90) days to re-register.

Meeting Night Schedule and Procedure

  • Plan to arrive around 5:30 p.m. to the Metropolitan Historic Courthouse at 1 Public Square, Nashville, TN 37201. Paid parking is available in the garage under the building, accessible from James Robertson Parkway.
  • Check-in from 5:45 – 6:15 p.m. Look for the check-in desk on the mezzanine on the second floor of the Metropolitan Historic Courthouse.
  • The Council Meeting commences at 6:30 p.m. and the Public Comment Period will occur shortly thereafter.
  • The Presiding Officer will open the Public Comment Period and ask speakers to line up at the lectern in order of their sign-up (provided at check-in by the Council Office).
  • Each speaker will be called upon to speak and will have two (2) minutes to speak. After speaking, each speaker should move quickly and orderly back to their seat to allow the next speaker to approach the lectern.
  • Please refrain from making any personal or derogatory comments, keep to the issue about which you registered. If the speaker is off topic or disruptive, the time may be cut short.

Please stay within the two minute time limit. After your time expires, please step aside to allow the next speaker to approach the lectern.