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NashVitality Partners

Creating a healthier, active and green city takes the collaboration of a multitude of civic and community organizations.

During the past 10 years, organizations and individuals in Nashville have been laying the foundation needed to create opportunities for all residents in Nashville to live healthy, active and green lives. We are excited to join with others - NashVitality Partners - to highlight this exciting movement in our city.

You can find NashVitality Partners in every sector of Nashville - city and state government, community groups, small businesses, national corporations, to name just a few.

Look for partners around town, with NashVitality Happens Here! yard signs, decals, posters, sidewalks stencils and banners.

Become a Partner

We need your organization to create dynamic and meaningful information for residents when they visit the NashVitality web site, travel around Nashville and participate in community events. There are several opportunities for your organization to become a part of this movement:

  1. NashVitality Happens Here! helps residents to recognize that where they live, work, learn, worship and play is an important component of their health and well-being - NashVitality Happens Here! provides partners with a suite of marketing materials to identify them as a place that is healthy, active or green.
  2. NashVitality Logo and Creative Suite is available to all NashVitality Partners for use in promoting their healthy, active and green opportunities.
  3. Healthy Nashville Web Site is an online portal to provide concise and current health data to facilitate decision making and goal setting. NashVitality Partners are are encouraged to use the site as a foundation for initiatives addressing community health, and to contribute best practices.
  4. NashVitality Events assists Partners in promoting their healthy, active and green events by providing on-site NashVitality signage, inclusion in the NashVitality newsletter, monthly press release and social media.

To become a part of the NashVitality campaign simply download and fill out the application, NashVitality Partner Application.

Someone from our team will contact you to arrange delivery of your materials: the NashVitality Partner toolkit, a disc of NashVitality creative materials for your use and stencils/yard signs.