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NashVitality Being Active: Biking

Like many cities around the country, Nashville is transforming the way we move around our city, county and region.

Nashville is dedicated to making public transit, walking and biking viable, everyday options for residents throughout our city. Whether for recreation, commuting to work or running errands, these opportunities will get people out of their cars - that's good for our health and our city's environmental health.

Our physical environment can influence whether we walk, bike, take public transit or drive. Communities with safe, accessible sidewalks, bike lanes and parks can lead to healthier, more active residents and safer neighborhoods.

Nashville is a bikeable city!

Nashville has many areas full of low-traffic streets that are conducive to easy, comfortable cycling, called "easy-riding neighborhoods".

Nashville has noted its many easy-riding routes, in a map system called "The Groove," that interconnect all these neighborhoods within five miles of the Downtown district. The Groove routes are organized into two main loops (in brown), with corresponding cut-throughs and off-shoots (in orange). The Groove makes it possible for cyclists of all skill levels to comfortably bike to and from parks, schools, workplaces, attractions and hot spot business districts.

Download the Groove Bike Map!