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NashVitality Being Active: Pedestrian Safety

Share the Road Nashville

Drivers aren't the only ones using Nashville's roads. They share the road with pedestrians, and cyclists, as well. Nashville's Share the Road campaign increases awareness for pedestrian and cyclist safety which can decrease cycling and pedestrian crashes and deaths.

The city of Nashville is committed to the improvement of pedestrian and cyclist safety through improved infrastructure and continuing education of all users of the road.

Learn more about Nashville's share the road campaign Moving in Harmony.

Moving in Harmony

Motorists are sharing the streets with pedestrians and cyclists. The roads can be a very dangerous place for pedestrians and cyclists if drivers don't share the roads with care. From 2004-2008, 69 pedestrians and 5 cyclists were killed, and 1,118 pedestrians and 257 cyclists were injured on Davidson County roads.

Moving in Harmony is a campaign to increase pedestrian, cyclist and motorist safety with an end goal of eliminating deaths and reducing injuries due to pedestrian or bicycle and motor vehicle collisions. The city of Nashville is committed to the improvement of safety through continued education and improved infrastructure to ensure we can all move in harmony on Nashville's roads. For information on how to access the campaign materials, contact

For a complete list of all laws, and regulations regarding motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians please visit the Tennessee State Safety Resource Center website.