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NashVitality Being Active: Walking

What does a walkable neighborhood look like? Ideally, it features a mix of housing, businesses, retail, schools and parks within walking distance so that people drive less and walk more. It includes even sidewalks or walking paths and good directional signs so people feel more confident getting to their destination or exploring a neighborhood.

Nashville is creating more opportunities for neighborhood's and business districts to be walk-friendly - safe, convenient and easy to navigate walkways.

By improving places that have already been built, and planning for active living in new communities, we can build a city that is healthy, active and green.

People are more active in neighborhoods with adequate sidewalks and bike lanes.

Adequate, safe routes to schools increase the number of children walking to school.

People who have parks nearby exercise more than those who do not live near parks.

Maps and Resources

Metro Parks Greenways and Open Space Information

As a pedestrian in Nashville, you have the opportunity to view our city's unique architecture, access the hundreds of acres of city and state parks, and experience the vibrant neighborhood street life in a way that no other mode of travel can offer.

Nashville has recently instituted a new way-finding sign initiative to encourage residents to walk and bike. Signs are distributed throughout Nashville's urban core, and additional signs were added along main corridors in East and North Nashville. These signs specifically direct residents and visitors to healthy food and recreational opportunities nearby.

Highlighted on the maps are pedestrian routes to community centers, famers' markets, fresh-food markets, trails, greenways, parks, and other recreational sites. The unique maps display multi-dimensional views of the surrounding area and make it easy to understand where you are and where to head.

East Nashville Maps

North Nashville Maps

Some of Nashville's best places to walk are in our extensive Parks and Greenways system.