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NashVitality Guide to Being Healthy

NashVitality is the spirit of our healthy city. It's the spirit creating places where all residents thrive in healthy communities.

Easy access to nutritious foods can have a profound impact on creating a healthier city. Where we live, learn, work, worship and play affects our choices, and having healthy options readily available can lead to better overall health – something that benefits all of us.

Whether a Healthy Corner Store, or a new school or community garden, Nashville is growing healthy places by increasing access to nutritious food in neighborhoods throughout our city.

Eating Healthy Food

REAL Certified

REAL Certified is a nationally recognized mark of excellence for food service establishments and facilities committed to nutrition and sustainability. REAL Certified is a program of the United States Healthful Food Council.

By partnering and supporting food service operators, REAL Certified realigns the food service industry’s interest with the consumer’s nutrition best interest.

REAL is:

  • Responsible: Food should provide nutritional benefit.
  • Epicurean: Food preparation should enhance the quality of the food and the dining experience.
  • Agricultural: Food should come from the safest, highest quality sources.
  • Leadership: Food purveyors should enable better choices.

For more information regarding REAL Certified or finding establishments that are certified, visit Eat REAL Tennessee