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Encouraging Breastfeeding

NashVitality is the spirit of our city where every mother has the freedom and support to breastfeed where they live, learn, work, worship and give birth.

Women who breastfeed have a lower risk of breast and ovarian cancers, and their babies are less likely to develop numerous conditions, including earaches, diabetes, and obesity. Increasing breastfeeding rates in Davidson County is a key strategy to improve health in general, particularly aiding in the prevention of childhood obesity.

The health benefits of breastfeeding are important, but breastfeeding is not simply a function of an individual mothers' intent, but rather an outcome of a society that supports women, children and families.

Breastfeeding Welcomed Here logo

'Breastfeeding Welcomed Here' Pledge

'Breastfeeding Welcomed Here' highlights a city and business community that welcomes and supports breastfeeding moms and is a part of a much larger campaign to make Nashville a healthier city and ultimately to increase breastfeeding rates in Davidson County.

Because it is the law to permit a mother to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, many businesses are already providing this level of access and comfort to their patrons. However, there are some businesses and employees that may be unaware of the current law. This can often cause an awkward and embarrassing situation for the mother that is simply feeding her child.

The Nashville community has expressed interest in having businesses clearly designate that they are aware of the law, and committed to providing a welcome environment for mothers. This initiative aims to allow families to be more at ease by businesses displaying this commitment through a pledge, and a clearly visible window decal.

Give Me Five

'Give Me Five' encourages every maternity hospital in Nashville to make strides toward increasing breastfeeding rates in Davidson County. 'Give Me Five' is an initiative of the NashVitality campaign, which celebrates and promotes efforts that make the healthy choice the easy choice for everyone in Nashville.

Breastfeeding begins in the hospital. Our city's five maternity hospitals are essential to providing Nashville's families with the healthiest beginning possible. The Metro Public Health Department encourages all maternity hospitals in Nashville to work towards fulfilling the 'Give Me Five' evidence-based steps. By becoming a 'Give Me Five' Hospital these hospitals are demonstrating a level of commitment to quality improvement and are leading the way to achieving the Healthy People 2020 goals for breastfeeding in Tennessee.

In 2012, 4 of the 5 maternity hospitals completed the application process and achieved Give Me Five status.

Parents' Guides

Mom's Guide

Breastfeeding is more successful when mothers have a supportive environment, including the support of their family, friends, community, health care providers, insurers, workplaces, and policy makers.

Breastfeeding Rights: A Mom's Guide contains five recommended strategies to help women reach their breastfeeding goals and their legal rights as a breastfeeding mother.

Dad's Guide

Breastfeeding is more successful when fathers participate in the process. Fathers can provide essential support for mothers who breastfeed their babies. A father's support can make breastfeeding work.

Breastfeeding Rights: A Dad's Guide contains four recommended strategies to help men assist their partner reach their breastfeeding goals.