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Creating Healthy Places

NashVitality celebrates environments where all Nashville residents have access to healthy foods and opportunities for physical activity in the places they live, learn, work, worship and play.

Providing more opportunities for everyone in Nashville to eat nutritious foods and be physically active leads to healthier communities and greater quality of life for the entire city. Providing these opportunities takes planning, and community participation, to ensure our cities are built with quality of life in mind.

Through initiatives such as Health in All Policies, the Nashville Food Policy Council, and the wide variety of community-based efforts to improve environments - Nashville is working for a healthy, active and green city.

Health in All Policies

As Nashville is increasingly recognized nationally as a great place to live, making decisions with health in mind can ensure we build a city that supports healthy living for all residents. Nashville's built environments -such as our neighborhoods, public spaces and transportation networks - are shaped by policies and have profound impacts on health and our quality of life.

Following the Communities Putting Prevention to Work model, Metro Public Health department and partner organizations are using Health Impact Assessments (HIA) as one tool to inform decision makers about the potential health consequences of proposed policies, plans and projects. Most importantly HIAs will offer recommendations on how to augment current decision making processes.

HIA is a systematic way of addressing the public health implications of policies, plans, and programs that are developed without an explicit health focus. By bringing health into the discussion during the formation of policies, plans, and projects we can help ensure that they promote healthy living, and at the very least do not have unintentional negative consequences for the public's health.