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Food Policy Council

Just as our community has an education system and a transportation system, it also has a food system, which is why it is important to focus on food policy.

The Nashville Food Policy Council (NFPC) engages City/County policy makers, consumer interest groups, retail food industry, local agriculture industry, youth leaders and faith- and community-based organizations, to strengthen and align efforts to create food system change in our community.

The Council collaborates with key food system stakeholders in ways that facilitate improvements to one of our most vital resources - our food system. Based on its mission statement and policy platform, the Nashville Food Policy Council is responsible to develop recommendations for changes in policies that impact Nashville's food system and coordinate policy recommendation development.

Approaching problems and opportunities from a food systems perspective opens new possibilities for creating sustainable, systemic changes in diverse sectors including hunger relief, obesity prevention, economic development, and reduction of our community's carbon footprint.

The NFPC led the Food Summit 2011 which recognized achievements in Nashville's food system. The Summit explored prevailing disparities in healthy food access and markets, and gained insight into best practices in national food system and food policy work.

In 2013, the Nashville Food Policy Council partnered with the Metro Public Health Department to complete an initial food system assessment for Davidson County. This assessment was done as part of the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP), the community health assessment process chosen for Davidson County.

Read more information on the Nashville Food Policy Council Facebook page.