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Coming Soon — A New

On August 2 we will launch a brand new This new site was built from the ground up to make it easier for Nashville citizens to find the information and services they need. Here is more information about what you can expect when the new site launches.

Brand New Look!

The new site will be more attractive and more functional than the current site. Fonts and colors were chosen with particular focus on improving accessibility and readability.

We approached the design and function of the new site from a mobile-first perspective. The majority of users access from their phone or other mobile device. We wanted the new site to not just "also" work on mobile but reward mobile users with a site built for this increasingly used platform. At the same time the site works equally as well on desktops and laptops without any sacrifices.

Services-Centric Approach

On the new site services take a leading role on the website homepage. The 12 most popular services (based on our analytics) will be featured at the top of the website homepage and these featured services will change over time. User can click to a View All Services page that will present the user with a searchable and filterable list of all services listed on the website. We believe this feature will help users find exactly the service they are looking for quickly and easily.

A key extension of this model is that the services approach carries over to each department homepage. A department can feature their most popular or seasonal services at the top of their page making it easier for users to access those services without the need to browse through pages of content.

Fast and Flexible Search

The new site search will be blazing fast and searches not only, but also hubNashville, the new Legislation Portal, our existing legislation archive and the Property Assessor’s website all at once. The results will bring back any matches from those sites and the user can filter the results by Content Type (page, press release, news article,etc.) , Organization (departments, boards, etc.) and Website.

Closer Connection with hubNashville

From any page in a user can click the hubNashville icon at the top of the screen and jump immediately to hubNashville to check on a previously submitted request or create a new one.

New Content Tagging System

A new content tagging system ties various pieces of content across the site back to single terms or phrases. Users will see these in various places on the site and clicking on a tag will present them with a page of all related content for that tag term.

New Collapsible Navigation Pane

When navigating any site, the navigation should never be in the way. Our new navigation model is easy to use when needed but tucks away when it's not.

Easier to Use News and Events

We made several improvements to the Metro News and Events features of the site to make it easier for users to find and share what is happening in Metro Government.

Site Feedback Tool

At the bottom of every page will be a feedback option. The new site was built after listening to what citizens wanted. This won’t stop after the website is launched and we want to hear from you about what works, what doesn't and where we can improve. This feedback is given anonymously, and every suggestion will be given consideration.

Page Address Changes

When a site the size of undergoes a significant change it is natural for the locations of pages to change. Necessary changes to the underlying technology running the website required nearly every address (URL) on the site to change. However, we are working on a comprehensive plan to make sure the most visited page addresses are automatically redirected. For other pages, our powerful new site search should make anything easy to find. If you have bookmarks saved, you will likely need to update them to reflect these changes.

What Is Not Changing

All the information about, or provided by, each Metro department represented by will still be found on the site. We will also continue to maintain the highest commitment to website accessibility through continual testing for ADA compliance and with site language translation feature at the top.